Mentorship resources

We have developed a resource library to help mentors and mentees to get started on their mentorship journey and create an effective partnership.

Gain free access to resources including:

  • How to set SMART goals
  • Goal setting templates
  • A guide to career planning
  • CV & interview tips and interview questions
  • Product management salary expectations
  • How to conduct mentorship meetings
  • How to give constructive feedback
  • How to coach using the GROW model
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How mentoring helps you to build a strong product team Roundtable

Join us for an engaging Roundtable event titled “The Competitive Edge: How mentoring helps you build a strong product team”, where 3 product management industry experts will share valuable insights, strategies, and best practices.

Section 1: Setting the foundation for successful mentorships.

Section 2: How to attract and retain talent using mentorship

Section 3: Fostering leadership and career growth using mentorship

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Mentee resources

Read these resources to help get the most out of your relationship with your mentor. Discover how to structure the mentorship effectively, including how to conduct meetings and how to set and track progress to goals.

Cv Advice On Laptop

CV advice

CV advice: write a CV that will get you noticed Your CV is more than just a list of your skills and experience. It’s a

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Mentor resources

Read these resources to help define a best practise structure for your mentorship. Discover checklists to help conduct successful meetings and a list of questions to help coach your mentee to success.

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Discover more about our free product mentorship scheme by downloading our overview brochure:

– How does mentorship work?

– What are the roles and expectations of a mentor / mentee?

– What does a good mentorship partnership look like?

– What resources are available?

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