Our Director, Chris Mason talks to Jason Knight, founder of the One Knight in Product podcast about how to hire a diverse product team and the gender pay gap.

The podcast covers:

  • The state of the product hiring market today and how product management recruitment has changed over the last 20 years
  • How product management has moved from IT to a strategic partner for product-led companies and when companies should hire a CPO
  • Whether we’re seeing more product practitioners getting a seat at the top table and how there are two main types of product leadership job
  • Why you should be careful which job you wish for, and how to know when to stop trying to climb the career ladder
  • Whether product job titles are getting more consistent and whether it’s true that job titles don’t matter
  • Why women should consider not divulging their current salary as it can help to perpetuate gender biased salary and whether the gender pay gap is getting better or worse
  • What hiring companies can do to make sure they’re developing a diverse talent pipeline and the importance of hiring for “not fit” rather than culture fit

Listen to the podcast below.

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Diversity Podcast