Ben Chisell

Chris was successful in helping me find an excellent position in eCommerce for a high profile global company. He did this very efficiently in a very difficult market and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Chris again.

Jennifer Ruddock

Out of all of the recruitment companies I applied through, Intelligent People were the most efficient and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend you to other people I may come across looking for work. You responded quickly to my emails and questions, gave detailed information, and connected me with jobs that were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Chris Webster

Chris was a great guy to work with; he took time to understand me, my career and the type of role that I was looking for. He presented some great options and I was delighted to join eBay as a result. He was diligent throughout the process, both managing the process and ensuring everyone kept things moving to conclusion. A great guy and someone I would heartily recommend working with.

Laurence Bresh

Amongst the best recruitment agencies I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Made the whole process as efficient as possible, supporting me every step of the way. Both Becca and Chris were available at all times, kept in constant touch and offered valuable advice. They are friendly and approachable.

Ian Randolph

A top flight recruitment organisation. Doug was dogged in helping me find and close an excellent offer for a product management role, and when then that unfortunately fell through, the organisation came together to help me find even better opportunities. Nothing but friendly, professional service and a deep network of opportunities make this an essential organisation to be in contact with if you’re looking for role in London, particularly one in product management.

Alex Wang

Great at finding the right opportunity and a real pleasure to work with. I have a great experience working with Chris from Intelligent people during my recent job hunt. He was able to find me some great opportunities with the leading companies in the market within weeks. The feedbacks are always timely and they are great at getting me the time needed to take the right offer.

Dmitry Meltsov

I’ve been working with the two consultants simultaneously from IP during my recent job search. Throughout the full cycle both guys were super friendly, really got the gist of the workplaces and were able to communicate the nuances very clearly and in a friendly manner. They were helpful, supportive and very on-point! @job seekers, don’t think twice these guys are bossing the market, well, at least for Digital roles that I was after. Pleasure to deal with them on many levels.

Jasmijn De Baan

It has been a pleasure working with recruiters that have your best interests at heart. I was in contact with George and Doug for multiple product marketing opportunities in the market. Both men have been professional and a great support throughout the process to make sure I would make the right decision. Doug has been instrumental in securing the next step in my career and I can’t thank him enough.

Paul Sherlock

Without a doubt, the best recruitment agency I’ve ever worked with. Shame to use that term, as they are so much more. Always attentive, supportive, thoughtful, they really do things differently whichever side of the fence you’re on. Chris and his team are really something else, lovely folks as well, so whether you’re looking, or finding, talk to them. Just head and shoulders above the rest.

Philip Baxter

Intelligent people have always looked after me well. They got me my last-but-one role and came with in a whisker of getting me one this time round (though I went direct as it happens). And, as a Product Manager, they had the lions share of the decent roles.

David Thwaites

I worked with Intelligent People when applying for roles at two separate companies, on each occasion dealing with different representatives. In both cases, I was highly impressed with the high level of service and assistance with preparation. Having worked with several recruitment agencies over the years, it is no exaggeration to say that Intelligent People’s commitment to personal service and support is first class, certainly among the very best I have experienced. Not only was the briefing process thorough, but it felt like both representatives were dedicated to my application; always available, always positive and always professional. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Intelligent People to employers and job seekers alike.

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