We recruit across all marketing disciplines and provide a highly personalised marketing recruitment service placing highly talented executive level marketers. Specific marketing roles we recruit for include:

Head of Marketing

Marketing Director

VP Marketing 

Chief Marketing Officer

Intelligent People recruit both B2B and B2C marketing professionals with proven experience in specialisms, such as online marketing, CRM, SEO and PPC, campaign management, field marketing, PR, marcomms, lead generation, event management, product marketing, channel marketing, direct marketing, indirect marketing and more.

Marketing recruitment agency with a difference

We employ specialist recruitment consultants, all with experience of working within marketing teams themselves across the marketing mix. This means when you speak to your marketing recruitment consultant, they’ll already have a good knowledge of the role you want to fill, in particular the skills and attributes that candidates require to excel at the job. They will be able to talk to you on your level and understand the unique requirements of marketing within your business. How many recruiters can say that?

We always meet employers and candidates to ensure we have the information needed to make an accurate match between role and candidate, and we provide advice and consultancy throughout the whole lifecycle. We intimately understand our client’s needs, their environments and ethos. We do the same for our candidates, ensuring we fully understand their specialist skills and what they want to achieve from the next career move. This puts Intelligent People in a unique position to ensure all parties aspirations are fully met. We’ve successfully placed many executive level marketers, maintaining great relationships with many today.

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Marketing roles we recruit for

With a dedicated marketing executive search arm of the business, we support businesses in important marketing executive appointments. We advise on where the talent may be, what you should offer as a package and how to engage and retain the very best candidates.

Head of Marketing recruitment

Head of Marketing salary: £80,000 – £110,000

A Head of Marketing role is often a transition from managing an aspect of marketing, to managing a multi-functional team of specialists. Depending on the size of the organisation, a generalist approach to marketing is often best at this level, able to make best practise decisions and support team members by giving them strategic direction and the tools to be effective at their job without hand holding. Head of Marketing recruitment requires candidates to have experience across as many marketing disciplines and technologies as possible, with particular focus on managing budget and performance against KPIs.  

Marketing Director recruitment

Marketing Director salary: £100,000 – £170,000

Within a Marketing Director role, the candidate will be responsible for designing and delivering comprehensive marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, lead generation and loyalty within the customer base. The Marketing Director must champion the brand, ensuring the brand is represented consistently throughout all promotional activities and channels. At Marketing Director level, candidates will need to identify and analyse the target customer, ensuring all activities point towards this objective, producing business growth through innovation.

Vice President Marketing recruitment

VP Marketing salary: £130,000 – £220,000

The VP of Marketing is responsible for setting the brand vision and overall direction of the marketing teams, creating both a long- and short-term plan, using KPIs and objectives to review performance. The VP will need to ensure the customer is considered at each stage of the marketing process and oversee the user experience from start to finish, reporting to the CEO on strategic performance metrics.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) recruitment

CMO salary: £150,000 – £350,000

Chief Marketing Officer roles are often similar in roles and responsibilities as Marketing VP’s. Both levels require a strong person to adopt the voice of the customer, implementing customer segmentation models, to improve user experience across all marketing touchpoints. When a chief marketing officer starts applying a customer-centric approach, other metrics normally take care of themselves – lead generation, sales and repeat business.

How to hire a CMO in 2023

Do you need to hire a Chief Marketing Officer in 2023? We have put together a complete guide to hiring a CMO including:

– What is a CMO?

– What are the salary expectations of a CMO?

– When may a CMO be useful?

– How to hire a CMO?

– What interview questions can I use?

– What is the best interview format for a CMO?

Download 'How to hire a CMO in 2023'

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Our marketing recruitment services

Case study: Chief Marketing Officer

‘We really liked that Intelligent People had a defined recruitment process: preparation, sourcing, approaching and engagement, selection and screening, shortlist, interview, and offer. The process was thorough and gave us a good feeling from the outset that Chris and his team knew what they were doing.’

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Andrew Watson

Employer: Andrew at Goodfellow

Our executive marketing hiring process include end-to-end services. We are here to help with maximising the exposure of your job description, through job boards, LinkedIn and our own vast network of candidates. Once we have gained the best possible pool of talent, we provide our clients a shortlist, and prepare interviews. We often get asked what the best questions are to ask marketers, so we have produced a guide for our employers.



Business Leader Working
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Post interview we can help provide feedback to all candidates, as well as providing advice on the best offer package, and what to do in the event of the candidate receiving a counter offer from their current employer. This process takes time that often internal recruitment teams or line managers don’t have in abundance, so we take on that challenge for you.



Q: What is a marketing recruitment agency?
A marketing recruitment agency is a specialised firm that connects companies with qualified professionals in the field of marketing. These agencies focus on sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates for various marketing positions, ranging from entry-level to executive roles. They have expertise in understanding the specific skills, qualifications, and experience required in the marketing industry. Marketing recruitment agencies actively engage in building a network of talented individuals and maintaining relationships with both job seekers and employers. Their primary goal is to match the right candidates with the right companies, ensuring a successful and efficient hiring process in the dynamic field of marketing.
Q: How does a marketing recruitment agency work?
A marketing recruitment agency serves as a bridge between job seekers looking for marketing positions and companies seeking skilled marketing professionals. These agencies have a network of contacts within the marketing industry and work closely with companies to understand their specific hiring needs. When a company requires marketing talent, they engage with a marketing recruitment agency to find suitable candidates. The agency then utilises its resources, such as job boards, professional networks, and candidate databases, to source and screen potential candidates. They conduct interviews, assess qualifications and experience, and match candidates with suitable job openings. The agency facilitates the hiring process by coordinating interviews, negotiating offers, and providing support throughout the onboarding process. Ultimately, the marketing recruitment agency aims to connect qualified candidates with companies seeking marketing expertise, ensuring a successful match for both parties.
Q: Do marketing recruitment agencies advise on marketing salaries?
Yes, marketing recruitment agencies often provide guidance and advice on marketing salaries expectations. They have extensive knowledge of industry standards and market trends, allowing them to offer insights into appropriate salary ranges for different marketing roles. By leveraging their expertise, marketing recruitment agencies can help both candidates and employers navigate salary negotiations and ensure fair compensation packages are established.
Q: What are the benefits of using a marketing recruitment agency?
Using a marketing recruitment agency offers several benefits. Firstly, these agencies have access to a wide network of qualified marketing professionals, allowing them to find the best-suited candidates for specific marketing roles. Secondly, marketing recruitment agencies save time and effort for companies by handling the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to conducting initial screenings and interviews. This allows companies to focus on their core operations while ensuring the recruitment process is efficiently managed. Additionally, marketing recruitment agencies often have industry expertise and knowledge, enabling them to assess candidates' skills and experience accurately. Lastly, these agencies can provide valuable insights and guidance to companies regarding market trends, salary benchmarks, and talent acquisition strategies, helping businesses make informed decisions for their marketing team's growth.
Q: What services do marketing recruitment agencies offer?
Marketing recruitment agencies offer a range of services to assist companies in finding the right marketing talent. Firstly, they conduct a thorough assessment of a company's hiring needs and develop tailored recruitment strategies. They then utilise their extensive networks and resources to source and screen potential candidates, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and experience. Additionally, marketing recruitment agencies often handle the coordination of interviews, background checks, and reference verifications. Finally, they provide guidance and support throughout the hiring process, helping companies make informed decisions and secure top marketing professionals.
Q: What roles do marketing recruitment agencies recruit for?
Marketing recruitment agencies often recruit for the following positions: - Chief Marketing Officer - VP Marketing - Marketing Director - Head of Marketing - Senior Marketing Manager - Marketing Manager
Q: Can marketing recruitment agencies help with executive-level marketing positions?
Many marketing recruitment agencies specialise in marketing executive search. Executive search agencies work with large and scaling businesses to identify and engage marketing leaders and build high performance marketing teams for their clients. Intelligent People specialise in Chief Marketing Officer executive search because of our vast network of contacts, deep background knowledge and strong expertise across different market sectors. Regardless of the flavour of the brief, we’re a marketing executive search firm who know where to look to find what you need.
Q: Can marketing recruitment agencies help with temporary or freelance marketing positions?
Yes, marketing recruitment agencies can indeed help with temporary or freelance marketing positions. At Intelligent People, for example, we are a renowned marketing recruitment agency that specialises in both permanent and interim placements. They have a vast network of qualified marketing professionals who are available for temporary, interim assignments or freelance projects, ensuring that businesses can find suitable candidates to meet their short-term marketing needs.
Q: How long does it take for a marketing recruitment agency to find a suitable candidate?
The time it takes for a marketing recruitment agency to find a suitable candidate can vary depending on several factors. Typically, the duration can range from a few weeks to a couple of months. It involves various stages, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and shortlisting candidates. The length of the process also depends on the specific requirements of the position, the competitiveness of the job market, and the agency's network and resources. It is essential for the agency to thoroughly evaluate and match candidates' skills, experience, and cultural fit with the client's needs to ensure a successful placement. We aim to provide a shortlist to our clients within 24-48 hours of the briefing call.
Q: How much do marketing directors make in the UK?
A: Marketing Directors in the UK can make between £100,000 to £170,000. The salary is often strengthened through a good benefits package which may include a performance based bonus, access to private healthcare, wellness benefits and enhanced pension contributions.
Q: What qualifications do you need to be a marketing director?
A: No official qualifications are required to become a Marketing Director, although many Marketing Directors do have University degrees involving Marketing and/or Business related fields. To gain a Marketing Director position, you'll need to showcase a clear brand vision and strategy, your previous experience of leading a marketing team to success and proven marketing campaign experience.
Q: What skills do marketing directors need?
A: Marketing Directors often require generalist knowledge and skills across all the marketing channels including brand, digital, CRM, advertising, SEO, paid advertising and more. At this Marketing Director level, people management and leadership skills become more important than hands-on skills on a specific channel. Success of this role will be measured on whether the marketing team has achieved it objectives, its growth and lead targets, and its brand awareness KPIs.