In our fast-paced and interconnected world, the importance of diversity and inclusion in fostering success and innovation within organisations cannot be overstated. Understanding the value of diverse perspectives and experiences, we recently organised our first Roundtable event, titled “Diversity and Inclusion in Product Management.”

Taking place on May 16th, 2023, this event served as a platform to facilitate meaningful discussions, promote learning, and encourage collaboration within the product management community.

Diversity and Inclusion in Product

This Roundtable brought together a diverse group of prominent product leaders who shared their valuable insights and experiences from their successful careers. It is increasingly recognised that diversity and inclusion (D&I) are not just ethical imperatives but also crucial for driving business performance. Extensive research supports this, revealing that inclusive businesses are more likely to surpass financial targets, achieve high performance, foster agility and innovation, and yield better overall business outcomes (According to a Deloitte study, read the full study here).

However, despite the awareness of the importance of D&I, there remains a gap between knowledge and implementation within businesses. Unfortunately, the progress towards achieving true diversity and inclusion has been slow across the board.

Roundtable discussion

To gain a deeper understanding of D&I, the current state of diversity and inclusion in the Product industry, and how we can actively drive change, listen to our engaging discussion, that looked into specific areas of diversity and inclusion, including:

  • Women in Product
  • Ethnicity in Product
  • The correlation between diversity, inclusion, and business performance

Our guests

The Roundtable features inspirational and inclusive leaders with Product Management experience within prominent brands such as King, Telefónica, British Gas,, eBay, Financial Times and Tesco.

Our speakers include:

Deepika Adusumilli. Deepika is a Founding Member of Chief in the UK. Chief is a private network built to drive more women into positions of power and keep thm there. Deepika is also the First Vice President – Head of Product at King, a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile gaming world.

Funmi Alassan. Funmi is also a Founding Member of Chief in the UK, as well as Chief Product Officer at Togetherall, who champion the role of digitally delivered and clinically managed peer support.

Pooja Naidu. Pooja is Senior Product Director at Mews, an innovative hospitality management cloud that empowers the modern hotelier to improve performance. Pooja also has experience at the Financial Times, Tesco and Hudl.

Watch our D&I In Product Management Roundtable

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