Interim recruitment

Whether you need interim support to cover a short-term skills gap, to get a fresh perspective, to solve a specific problem, or to help upskill your current team, we are interim recruitment specialists that are here to help for interim and contract roles.

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Interim roles we recruit for

These are some of the interim roles we recruit for. Contact us with your requirements and we will see if we can help.

Product Management interims
Marketing Interims

We also cover Fractional Marketing positions.

Interim recruitment: the reasons to invest in a contractor

The main reasons that employers move towards hiring interim contractors are:


You’ve got a crisis situation. You may have a vacancy where a key member of staff has moved on and you’ve since struggled to recruit for the permanent position.

In this case, you can usually engage an interim who is able to start immediately or within a week or two, provided they are not already signed up to another engagement.


It may be that you want to upskill a team. You’ve got a skills gap and you need to get someone in straight away that has the right domain experience that your team requires.

At the same time as delivering a project, the interim contractor can upskill the wider permanent workforce by training and simple cross pollination.

Project work

Your business needs to deliver a project that you don’t currently have capacity for internally. But you may not have the budget for a permanent hire or you may only forecast needing these skills for a short period of time.

Interim recruitment is specifically helpful when you are a business that is testing something, building something new, or investigating new markets or product lines.


It could be that the business is not ready to fully commit to a project by building a team or investing in permanent hiring. So investing in interim recruitment and interim support is less risky.

How long is the interim recruitment process?

Due to the size and quality of our interim and contractor database across product, marketing, product design, UX and eCommerce, we are able to present our clients a shortlist within 24 hours. To achieve this, we will work with the client to ensure the specification, the competency requirements and the allocated day rate are all realistic and competitive in today’s market, ensuring we have access to the whole fixed term contractor talent pool.

From there, we can advise on the best interim interview questions to ask, IR35 considerations and continue to help you engage the interim contractor throughout the contract recruitment process and into their notice period – this is usually anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks.

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Interim recruitment:
hiring a contractor

Are you investing too much time in interim recruitment?

We deliver a shortlist to our clients within 24 hours of taking your brief. We do this by taking an in-depth brief of what you are looking for and form a comprehensive interim professional profile to work against.

Are you struggling to attract the right fixed term contractor?

35,000 candidates are already known to us through our extensive interim executive candidate database. We can quickly find candidates who are actively looking and have the particular domain skills that you need.

Are you always losing the best interim contractors to competitors?

We have a 92% candidate success rate – candidates who accept the position when offered by our clients.  We do this by delivering a quality and relevant shortlist, also keeping these fixed term contractors actively engaged throughout the hiring process.

Are you struggling to maintain the quality of interim contractors?

We find interim contractors which are experts in their field, ready to hit the ground running. They’re used to moving from engagement to engagement and adapting to new challenges and we also take the time to prepare them for each role before they start.

Do you need specific advice for interim recruitment?

We manage the interim recruitment process from start to finish, including advice on day rates and IR35 rules. We also help to navigate the offer stage, any counter-offers and offer acceptance process.

Read: IR35 rules for employers

Interim recruitment: competitive day-rates?

Many employers are nervous to start interim recruitment or look for contractors – the main reason for this is cost. Interim contractors can appear to charge high daily rates for their expertise.

It’s important to consider the total cost to the business when looking at starting an interim recruitment search for a fixed term contractor. Costs including holiday pay, sick pay and employee benefits (life insurance, health cover, income protection insurance) do not need to be considered, meaning interim recruitment isn’t as costly as expected.

Day rates will differ on a case-by-case basis, depending on the role, location, the business needs, the project objective and contract length. As a general rule of thumb, we’d expect the below day rates per discipline:

Interim recruitment day rates: 2024

Product Management interim recruitment
RoleRange: MinRange: Max
Interim Chief Product Officer10001500
Interim VP Product9001200
Interim Product Director8001000
Interim Product Lead7001000
Interim Head of Product650800
Interim Senior Product Manager550750


Product design and UX interim recruitment
 Range: MinRange: Max
Vice President Product Design£1000£1200
Product Design Director£700£900
Head of Product Design£550£700
Product Design Manager£450£550
UX / User Experience Director£700£900
Head of UX / User Experience:£600£800
UX / User Experience Manager£550£700
UX / User Experience Researcher£400£500
UX / User Experience Designer£500£600
UX / User Experience Lead£550£700
UI Designer£350£450
Information Architect£550£650
Customer Experience Manager£500£600
Marketing interim recruitment
Role Range: Min Range: Max
Interim Chief Marketing Officer 1000 1500
Interim VP Marketing 800 1000
Interim Marketing Director 700 1000
Interim Growth Lead 600 800
Interim Head of Marketing 500 800
Interim Marketing Automation Consultant 500 700
Interim Performance Marketing Manager 500 700
Marketing Analyst 400 600
Interim Lead Generation Manager (B2B) 400 600
Interim Marketing Manager 350 500
CRM Manager 350 500
eCommerce interim recruitment
RoleRange: MinRange: Max
Interim Head of eCommerce600800
Interim UX Designer450650
Interim Content Strategist400600
Interim Conversion Optimisation Consultant400600
Interim eCommerce Manager350500
Interim Digital Merchandising Manager300500
Gabor Mayer
Gabor Mayer
11. April, 2022.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Professional people, helpful culture. Lately I've been in touch with Doug B. from Intelligent People. If he ever calls you for a position you can be sure that you are in good hands. He is responsive. He treats candidates with respect. He cares. He understands that finding the right role is not just about "ticking a few boxes on a spreadsheet".
Taylan Tahir
taylan tahir
11. April, 2022.
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Thanks Jess for your brilliant support and communication during the interview process. You made it really easy and efficient and allowed me to focus on the most important part - getting the role! I found the role advertised by IP through LinkedIn and would definitely recommend working with them as a candidate.
Ashwin Peter
Ashwin Peter
23. March, 2022.
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One of the best firms out there in UK if you are looking for product hires. No BS and straight to the point. There is a reason why best product firms prefer them over others. I have had the best experience with them and would recommend any one who is looking for product role or to hire a product person for their firm. They are transparent and try to find the best fit for the firm and candidate.
David Nightly
David Nightly
21. March, 2022.
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One of the best recruitment experiences we've had for digital talent. The team at IP really take the time to understand what you're looking for before engaging with candidates, and when speed is of the essence, they deliver quickly but with quality, ensuring limited time is wasted with candidates that aren't relevant. I will certainly use them again.
Pete Finlay
Pete Finlay
18. March, 2022.
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These guys are so easy to work with, we have hired incredibly high calibre product talent through Intelligent People and will come back every time we need help.
Benjamin Grunwerg
Benjamin Grunwerg
17. March, 2022.
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Very prefessional, would use again when hiring Ecommerce staff, always have good candidates.
Digital Marketing & Analysis
Digital Marketing & Analysis
2. March, 2022.
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A recruitment agency like no other. Honest and friendly consultants - guiding you and helping you through out the long recruitment process. From the start to the end of the process the recruitment consultants I worked with were extremely professional.
Nick Brown
Nick Brown
1. March, 2022.
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Put simply my go-to for product hires. I've been on both sides (IP have placed me in a new role as well as helped me recruit candidates multiple times, most recently as CPO of a marketplace), and they have always been honest, professional and considerate balancing the needs of candidates with those of the hiring company. For my recent search- in a very difficult market- they were my first (and as it turned out only needed) port of call and helped me land the perfect PM for the role who's doing a fantastic job. The process was simple and straightforward, the shortlist exactly what i wanted and the advice along the way (salary benchmarks, candidate 1 vs candidate 2 thought partnering etc) was invaluable and refreshing in the scrappy world of recruitment. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to hire at any level in product or indeed as a recruiter to work with as a candidate.
Jade Phillips
Jade Phillips
3. August, 2021.
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By far one of the best recruitment agencies out there. I've worked with Suzy twice and on both occasions she has genuinely focussed on helping me to find a role that is right for me. Highly recommend working with them!
Rajvir Randhawa
Rajvir Randhawa
30. June, 2021.
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Great experience working with Chris and the team at Intelligent People. They're just really nice, down-to-earth people that are brilliant at what they do. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them.

The pros of interim recruitment

There are many reasons why organisations turn to interim recruitment. In summary:

  1. Access to expertise. Interims are often very experienced, having built up domain experience in previous permanent roles
  2. Speed of hiring. Often interims are available straight away after interview, or with a minimal notice period
  3. Skills shortage. There are often skills and talent in the contractor market that you cannot find in the permanent market
  4. Flexibility. You have the flexibility to change your approach to interim support if the needs of the business changes – far more flexibility compared to permanent recruitment
Contract Worker
Interim Recruitment Cons

The cons of interim recruitment

There are many reasons why organisations are hesitant to start an interim recruitment campaign. In summary:

1. Risk. The flexibility that the employer has around an interim contract is also replicated for the contractor. The contractor can decide to move on easily if they are not enjoying the role or the business culture, as long as their short notice period is covered

2. Cost. Interim recruitment is often deemed to be more expensive than for permanent staff, although when worked out in detail, this isn’t always the case – especially when considering additional employee costs such as holiday pay, sick pay, office costs etc. Read this to discover more about competitive day rates for product and marketing interim roles.

3. IR35. The liability for employers around IR35 remains a concern for some employers. As interim recruitment experts, we can talk you through the IR35 process and ensure your business remains compliant with the rules.

IR35 considerations 2024

IR35 or the off-payroll working rules apply when a contractor provides their services through their own limited company or another type of intermediary (agency or employment business) to a client.

The rules ensure that contractors pay Income Tax and National Insurance contributions in the same way as regular employees of the business do.

From 6 April 2021, all public authorities and medium and large-sized clients outside the public sector are responsible for deciding if the rules apply.

A Government legislative fix to the ‘double taxation’ issue is due on 6th April, 2024.

Learn about IR35

Time To Hire

What interview questions should I ask an interim candidate?

View our comprehensive interview guides for product and marketing interim candidates:

Interim product candidate interview questions

Interim marketing candidate interview questions

Marketing Leadership Recruitment

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What is the meaning of interim recruitment?
Interim recruitment refers to the process of hiring temporary professionals to fill short-term positions within a business. These interim hires are brought in to fulfil specific roles or responsibilities, often during times of transition, such as employee absences, project surges, or leadership changes. Interim recruits are typically experienced professionals who can quickly integrate into the company, provide immediate value, and help maintain continuity until a permanent solution is found. This flexible staffing approach allows companies to address immediate needs without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.
What is the difference between temporary and interim recruitment?
Temporary recruitment involves short-term hires for immediate needs like seasonal demand or absences, often for entry-level roles. Interim recruitment, however, fills temporary leadership gaps during transitions like executive leaves or project surges. Interim recruits are experienced professionals who provide immediate expertise until permanent solutions are in place, differing from temporary hires by addressing critical leadership needs or managing organisational change.
What does interim role mean?
An interim role refers to a temporary position within a business, typically filled during periods of transition, such as leadership changes, restructuring, or project surges. Individuals in interim roles assume temporary responsibilities to provide continuity, stability, and expertise until a permanent solution or resolution is implemented. These roles are often filled by experienced professionals who can quickly integrate into the organisation and contribute to achieving specific objectives during times of change.
What is interim talent?
Interim talent means experienced professionals who are engaged briefly to address specific organisational needs during transitions or peak demands. They provide specialised expertise for tasks like project escalations or leadership vacancies, offering agility without the commitment of permanent hires. Interim talent plays a vital role in maintaining operations and achieving goals during periods of change or growth.
Is it good to accept an interim position?
Accepting an interim position can be advantageous depending on individual circumstances and career goals. While temporary in nature, interim roles offer unique opportunities to gain valuable experience, expand professional networks, and demonstrate adaptability. They can also provide a bridge during career transitions or periods of unemployment. Additionally, interim positions may lead to permanent opportunities within the organisation or serve as stepping stones to new career paths. However, individuals should carefully consider factors such as compensation, job security, and alignment with long-term objectives before accepting an interim position.
Why hire an interim?
Interim hires provide immediate access to specialised skills, offering fresh perspectives and industry knowledge for short-term needs. Their flexibility allows companies to scale their workforce and maintain continuity during transitions. Hiring interim professionals is a strategic decision to fill temporary gaps, drive innovation, and sustain business momentum.