We specialise in recruiting candidates for Product Design and UX positions across London, EMEA, and North America. Our recruitment agency is dedicated to sourcing and placing highly experienced professionals in both B2B and B2C brands, ranging from scale-ups to enterprise-level companies.

Our team of expert Product Design and UX recruiters possesses extensive knowledge and experience of the current market, enabling us to provide valuable guidance to employers and candidates alike. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the competitive Product Design and UX sector, including salary expectations, benefits packages, equity opportunities, and emerging technologies.

By partnering with us, both employers and candidates can benefit from our comprehensive understanding of the Product Design and UX employment landscape, as well as our ability to identify the most suitable matches for each role. Let us help you take the next step in your career or business growth.

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Product design and UX roles we recruit for

With a dedicated product design and user experience arm of the business, we support employers by identifying top quality candidates that meet the brief. We then act quickly to provide a shortlist of candidates within 3 – 5 business days, allowing our employers to move at pace through the interview and offer stage – giving you the best chance of securing the best talent within this competitive job market. 

We advise employers on the end-to-end recruitment process but can also provide advice on other important employer services, such as employer brand, engagement strategies, equity packages and how to engage interim product design and UX contractors.  

Vice President Product Design

Salary expectations: £110,000 – £140,000

Often reporting to the Chief Product Officer, the Vice President Product Design leads a team of designers in creating and delivering the product design strategy. The VP Product Design is ultimately responsible for delivering best in class digital experiences for the consumer by understanding their needs as well as the competitor offering. 

Product Design Director

Salary expectations: £90,000 – £120,000

A Product Design Director may report into a Chief Product Officer or VP Product Design. The Product Design Director is responsible for the development and optimisation of new and existing products, at the same time as ensuring the product design team meets project deadlines. The Director of Product Design will also have some knowledge of the detail allowing them to problem solve and effectively communicate with senior management.  


Head of Product Design

Salary expectations: £80,000 – £120,000

The Head of Product Design often reports into the Product Design Director. They are responsible for setting the design vision, strategy, workflow and team structure to achieve the departments objectives, often working cross functionally. At this level, the Head of Product Design is responsible for ensuring the department is utilising best practise measures as well as coaching the team members to success.  

Product Design Manager

Salary expectations: £65,000 – £80,000

Reporting to the Head of Product Design, a Product Design Manager will guide execution of design across the product development lifecycle. A Product Design Manager is also responsible for research efforts, to support the overall design strategy and business objectives.

User Experience Director

Salary expectations: £85,000 – £110,000

The UX Director has to lead, develop, and define the user experience strategy across various digital platforms. They are also responsible for understanding the latest consumer and technology trends.

Head of User Experience

Salary expectations: £75,000 – £100,000

The Head of User Experience will closely manage and support a team of existing designers to meet the UX deliverables. This role is responsible for facilitating user testing and discovery and making the required changes to meet consumer needs.  

User Experience Manager 

Salary expectations: £60,000 – £75,000

User Experience Manager often reports into the Head of UX and is in charge of the development and improvement of customer journeys across the product portfolio. The ultimate goal is to ensure the user experience is optimised for delivery across each channel, utilising behavioural insights.

User Experience Researcher 

Salary expectations: £40,000 – £50,000

User Experience Researcher is in charge of creating and overseeing the creation of actionable, clear and understanding insights reports for the rest of the product design team. A UX Researcher will be well versed in user testing methodology from research instrument design through to clear reporting. This role also requires communication skills – ability to guide the wider team towards the successful use of the research.

User Experience Designer 

Salary expectations: £45,000 – £60,000

User Experience (UX) Designer work as a part of a team with experienced designers to develop software and hardware products that are simple and intuitive. This requires learning a combination of research, prototyping, testing, and cross-discipline collaboration.

User Experience Lead 

Salary expectations: £70,000 – £90,000

The UX Lead will work with other senior members of the team to create user experience KPIs, metrics, and budgeting. They have a key role in conveying user feedback to the rest of the business as well as providing mentorship for the design team.

User Interface Designer 

Salary expectations: £50,000 – £70,000
UI Designer designs all aspects of a website, app, or other product line, including how the user moves from one place to another, and the visual design elements that prompt this customer behaviour.

Information Architect 

Salary expectations: £60,000 – £80,000
An Information Architect is responsible for understanding user behaviour and advances in technology, to deliver strategies that improve the usability of a product. 

Customer Experience Manager (CEM)

Salary expectations: £40,000 – £50,000

A Customer Experience Manager is responsible for improving customer metrics including customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by improving all customer touchpoints. This role would require the manager to be up-to-date with customer trends as well as the customer lifecycle.

Our Process

Our expert consultants and researchers manage eCommerce recruitment projects from end-to-end using our 6 step process.



— Define the ideal candidate
— Write job description



— LinkedIn recruiter tool
— 35,000 strong candidate database
— Job board advertising


Screen & Select

— Decide whether the candidate has the right experience, knowledge and expertise



— Advise on the selection process
— Organise and diarise candidate interviews into schedule



— Job offer
— Clarify salary and benefits, working hours, contract length and start date



— Bringing new hires into an organisation
— Colleague introductions

Intelligent People did a brilliant executive search, providing a quality list of very engaged Marketing Director candidates to us extremely quickly. The quality of the shortlist we received is testament to the expertise and service offering within Intelligent People. We couldn’t be happier with Intelligent People as our executive search recruitment partner for this role. Read the full case study.

Executive Search Client
Ben Corlett
Amber River

Simply put, Intelligent People are my go-to for product hires. They have always been honest, professional, and considerate balancing the needs of candidates with those of the hiring company. For my recent search - in a very difficult market - they were my first port of call and helped me land the perfect Product Manager for the role, who's doing a fantastic job. The process was simple and straightforward, the shortlist was exactly what I wanted and the advice along the way, including salary benchmarks, candidate profiling and analysis was invaluable and refreshing in the scrappy world of recruitment. Read the full case study.

Nick Brown
Nick Brown

I trust Chris at Intelligent People to help build first class product management teams for my business. His open and collaborative approach to recruitment is refreshing, with strong knowledge and experience across the product management space that we need from a recruitment partner. Read full case study.

Owen Novata
Owen Riddall

Some of our best people and product leaders have come through Intelligent People. Working with them is easy, their candidates always stand out amongst our applications, and The team are proactive in helping us to find the right person for the right role.

Alex Dixon Testimonial
Alex Dixon
Ovo Energy

Probably the best recruitment team I've worked with over the past ten years, highly professional with a personal touch, they take the time at each stage of the process to ensure that the fit is correct, they want to build long-term relationships rather than focusing on single placements.

John Grey Testimonial
John Grey

A friendly and professional team who really know their market and clients, I'd highly recommend Intelligent People as specialist recruiters for product and product design. They take the time to thoroughly understand a brief, role and requirements, and always put forward a shortlist of highly relevant candidates. Intelligent People are our first stop for product positions, and we've successfully recruited a number of both contract and perm roles over the years.

Ruth Tapley
Ambassador Theatre Group Ltd

Chris is a delight to work with and has provided us with some exceptional talent over the last 12 months. He understands our business very well, is intellectually curious and incredibly passionate. Nothing seems to faze him. A genuine guy who has your interests at heart!

Louise Curtis Slate
Louise Curtis

I’ve had a long history with Doug at Intelligent People, we’ve been working together since 2010. The main reason for this long-standing relationship is that I trust Doug to get the results that I need. It’s nice that we get on personally, but ultimately, I go to Doug because he makes the recruitment process work for me. He quickly identifies what I need, understands what skills are needed to fill the gap, and the type of person that is likely to fit into my teams. Read the full case study.

Doug Slate
Doug Conely

When I am looking for the best Product Managers on the market, Intelligent People are my first and only port of call.

Luke Coleman Testimonial
Luke Coleman
Argos / Home Retail

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Q: What does a product designer do in UX?
A: A Product Design Manager will guide execution of design across the product development lifecycle. A Product Design Manager is also responsible for research efforts, to support the overall design strategy and business objectives.
Q: What recruiters look for in a UX designer?
A: Recruiters usually look for the following skills for a UX Designer. - Strong organisational and analytical skills - Comfortable handling both quantitative and qualitative user data - A natural curiosity and affinity to problem solving - Knowledge of coding languages including HTML / CSS - Excellent knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and other software - Previous experience working across websites, mobile apps and software - Adaptability to change and a fast-paced work environment.
Q: Do UX designers make a lot of money?
A: A UX Designer's salary could range between £45,000 - £60,000 a year. The salary bandings increase significantly as you move up the ranks to UX Manager, UX Lead, Head of UX and so on.
How hard is it to get into product design?
A: To be a successful Product Design Manager, you may require have a Master’s degree in Product Design. You would also need to demonstrate a highly analytical mindset, driven by metrics and KPIs.
Q: What is user experience job?
A: Those working within user experience jobs are responsible for the development and improvement of client-centric journeys across our product portfolio. The key aim of this role is to ensure all customer experiences are optimised for delivery and meet the business KPIs. Candidates may start out as a User Experience Researcher, paid between £40,000 - £50,000 per year.