Watch our engaging Roundtable event titled ‘The competitive edge: how mentoring helps you build a strong product team’, where 3 product management industry experts share valuable insights, strategies, and best practices on mentoring and product team career development.

This event took place live on LinkedIn and YouTube on 8th November 2023. Watch the full Roundtable below.

How mentoring helps you build a strong product team: discussion

Section 1: Setting the foundation for successful mentorships

Understand the impact and key outcomes of mentorships by looking at mentorship statistics. Discover the key responsibilities and characteristics of an effective mentor, and gain insight into techniques and strategies used to begin and maintain successful mentorships, including setting up a positive culture and building trust. Learn about common mentorship challenges and how to overcome them.

Section 2: How to attract and retain talent using mentorship

Discover how to use mentorship within your business to become more attractive to top talent within the market. Understand the effect of mentorship on the employer brand, how to foster a good mentorship culture and how to provide enhanced learning opportunities for your product teams.

Section 3: Fostering leadership and career growth using mentorship

Discover the leadership skills that are essential for successful Product Management teams and how to structure mentorship schemes specifically with those skills in mind. Gain insight into other internal opportunities that can impact leadership abilities and how a business can create clear career paths for Product people.

Our guest speakers

Our speakers include:

  • Talia King. Talia is MD at Connectr Talent Technology / Chief Product Officer. Connectr provide a mentoring tech platform to unlock people power, drive internal mobility and progression. Talia is also an established volunteer at Women in Product – London, one of the largest product groups in Europe with over 3,000+ members. Talia has also been a mentor through the Lilian Baylis Technology School.

  • Ruth Guthoff-Recknagel. Ruth has extensive experience at senior product level at businesses including Rated People, Zava, Doctor Care Anywhere and is currently CPO at Lingoda GmbH.
    Ruth is also an experienced Product Management and Health Tech mentor through Kickstart Global, a start-up hub that helps student founders from Day 0.

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