If you are new to mentoring, or would like a refresher, read our 10 step-guide of what to cover before, during and after each meeting with your mentee.

Mentor checklist: before each meeting

  • Ask the mentee to provide you with an outline of their goals for the session. This would include a meeting agenda and key discussion points
  • Think about any resources, learning materials, contacts or training courses that may be helpful around the discussion points. Do you have any personal experiences in this area that would be helpful to share?

Mentor checklist: during each meeting

  • Check in with your mentee. How has their week been? How is everything at work? How is everything in their personal life (that they are happy to share)?
  • Ask your mentee to share any progress updates from your last meeting. Have they actioned any goals? What obstacles are in their way? Where do they need further support?
  • Ask the mentee to summarise their thoughts on the meeting agenda and consider key topics to discuss. What are they hoping to achieve this session?
  • Start the discussion around a key topic – discuss concerns, ideas and actions that could be implemented. Here you can share any recommendations for learning, resources or external contacts that may be able to help, as well as your own personal experiences
  • Ask the mentee to record key actions from the meeting. This is so you can circle back to these actions (and the progress made) at the beginning of the next session
  • Agree on meeting logistics for the next meeting – when and where?

Mentor checklist: after each meeting

  • Reflect on the most recent meeting:

–  were there any additional points you wanted to circulate?

–  do you have actions from the meeting to complete and circulate?


To help you get started, we have prepared an in-depth document around how to conduct your first mentorship meeting. Another thing you may want to consider as part of your mentorship, is when to give your mentee feedback on how they are progressing. We advise to do this using a stop, start, continue model – view the template here.

Mentor Checklist