For our corporate and scale-up clients, we advise on everything from employer branding, candidate profiling, salary benchmarking, search and engagement strategies, candidate assessment and selection processes and how to engage interim talent. Find out more in our guide to services below.

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Candidate profiling

After we have gathered your requirements at the initial consultation, we define what a great candidate looks like; – career experience, knowledge, skill sets, personal attributes, education, and previous brands worked with.

We also look to the current employment market to offer advice on the structure of the team and specific job titles to attract the pool of candidates to the role.

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Salary benchmarking

We place candidates within our specialist recruitment consultancy areas of product management, product design and UX, marketing, and eCommerce every day. So we’re able to gather information on pay and benefits and track any changing trends across the full range of senior roles within these disciplines. Salaries can vary according to location, experience levels, niche domain experience, importance of the role to business growth and much more.

The benefits of salary benchmarking are well known – getting the right salary can help to initially attract candidates to your business, also reducing attrition rates within existing employees too. We keep an active eye on the packages offered by the rest of the recruitment market, ensuring our clients always remain competitive within the marketplace.

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Engagement strategy

A key part of our recruitment consultancy strategy is engagement of candidates. We ensure we take all candidates through a briefing process to include the business strategy, the roadmap, the objectives of the business and where their skills can help with business growth. We show each candidate where they could be within 1 year, 3 years and 5 years at the business, highlighting growth and development opportunities, and giving them a reason to be excited by the prospect of joining.

Engaging a candidate early on within the recruitment process is crucial, especially for those C-level roles, where the candidate may be considering several options.

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Selection process consultancy

Our Recruitment Consultants can help guide you on the best selection process for your business, to include:

  • how to position the opportunity
  • interview techniques and questions to ask across marketing, eCommerceproduct and product design
  • number of interview rounds, to ensure a quick but thorough process for your business
  • task themes and requirements
  • assessment criteria and format
  • offer stage including counter-offers and rejection

Package and benefits

Our Recruitment Consultants can advise our clients on salary and packages, considering various business factors; size, sector, budgets, benefits and niche domain experience and skills required. We do this on a case-by-case basis, ensuring we take into account market conditions too.

We consult and guide our clients on packages that will secure the right candidate for the business, and will lead the offer process, and be on hand to help with any negotiations.

We have complied reference guides for salary expectations across our specialist disciplines; product management, product design & UXmarketing, eCommerce and digital.

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Employer brand consultancy

As a recruitment consultancy firm, we are experts in attracting candidates to roles, and part of this is explaining to each candidate what the prospective employers ‘Employee Value Proposition’ is.

An EVP is ‘what an organisation stands for, requires and offers as an employer.’ This can be everything from salary, holiday entitlement, perks, performance related bonuses, and other benefits including flexible working, company cars, wellbeing incentives and health insurance.

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A guide to equity packages

There are many variables that affect the amount of equity that is usually offered, often depending on the risk to the candidate. A very early-stage start-up that is boot strapping and can’t afford to pay much of a salary will offer more than a post-series B scale-up with a proven product–market fit.

Business, candidate and domain variables will affect the amount of equity given. Find out more about what equity to offer and some recent examples that have helped to attract and secure top level talent.

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Engaging interims

Whether you are looking to cover a short-term skills gap, have a tactical project that needs completing or your business needs help to solve a specific problem, we can help you to source interim contractors straight away.

With our 35,000 strong candidate network, we can be hyper responsive to your brief and fill vacancies quickly. We can also consult with you, and help with any the legal requirements involved, protecting your business and ensuring confidentiality for high-profile assignments.

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Skills gap analysis

As a recruitment consultancy firm, we can analyse your current workforce and the skills they possess and compare this to the skills you require to meet your specific business goals. We can then discuss our recommendations for new skills and knowledge required, and how we would structure the team for the best results.

On agreement, we can start the end-to-end recruitment process on your behalf.

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Q: What does a recruitment consultant do?
A: A recruitment consultant will help its client to find the best candidate for their open position. Services may include advising on everything from employer branding, candidate profiling, salary benchmarking, search and engagement strategies, candidate assessment and selection processes and how to engage interim talent.
Q: How do recruitment consultants get paid?
A: There are 2 ways in which recruitment consultants get paid. Either they are employed on a contingent basis, where they are paid their fee on successful placement of a candidate, or on a retained basis. If a recruitment consultant is employed on a retained basis, its usually for an executive search or more senior positions such as a Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Product Officer. A recruitment consultant will receive their fee, usually 25-28% of the candidates total salary and package, in three stages. The first stage is on engagement, second on shortlist and the third stage is on placement.