We are a specialist Product Management Recruitment Agency, within London and Internationally. We place experienced and executive level product management candidates within scale-up and enterprise B2B and B2C brands.

Our expert product recruiters have good experience and knowledge of the product manager job market you want to access. This will include the employment landscape such as salary expectations, lead times, product trends, issues and the latest in technology for the industry.

Our considered, highly consultative approach means we meet and get to know every single client and candidate – not just professionally but personally, understanding what makes them happy, what makes them tick and what they are ultimately looking for. As a specialist product management recruiter, our consultants work to place all levels of senior product managers, from chief product officers, vice president of product and product directors.

We’ve successfully placed many executive level product management candidates into new roles, maintaining great relationships with many today. Here we interview a former candidate of ours, Ben Lavender, Chief Product Officer at DAZN about all things product.

Product Manager recruitment service

Intelligent People recruit both B2B and B2C Product Management professionals. With specialist experience,  such as Product Analysts and Product Executives, Business Analysts, Product Managers & Product Development Managers, Product Directors, Head of Product Management and Product Developers. Talk to our recruitment specialists for an unbiased view of the skills market in this key area. What are the career prospects for those within product management and the level of vacancies in the market?

Preparing for an upcoming interview? Find out what questions to ask or are likely to come up at your Product Management interview.

Product Roles we recruit for

With a dedicated Executive Search arm of the business, we support businesses in important executive appointments. We advise on where the talent may be, what you should offer as a package and how to engage and retain the very best candidates.

Head of Product

This role is often a transition from managing a product to managing the people within a product team, giving them the support and tools to do learn and develop their knowledge to carry out their work independently. Those in Head of Product roles will want to gain experience across many different technologies as possible, acquiring approaches and techniques that will be useful in the next step up. 

A salary of £95,000 to £130,000 could be expected at this level.

Product Director

Within a Product Director role, the ability to lead one or more development teams through the process by demonstrating effective leadership skills become extremely important. This role needs to inspire, motivate and engage their teams, whilst providing direction on innovation and removing all roadblocks in the product roadmap. 

A salary of £100,000 to £200,000 could be expected at this level.

Vice President Product

The VP of Product is responsible for setting the product vision and overall direction of the product teams. Once set, the VP needs to ensure all teams understand the company’s goals and objectives, allowing them to create and develop products to meet the business needs. The VP will need to ensure the customer is considered at each stage of the development process and oversee the product experience from start to finish. 

A salary of £100,000 to £200,000 could be expected at this level.

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Chief Product Officer is an executive level position which leads the entire product department including innovation, design, project management and delivery. 

A salary of £130,000 to £300,000 could be expected at this level.


What does a product manager earn in the U.K?
In todays market, a Junior Product Manager could earn between £45,000 and £55,000. A step above this as a Product Manager, you could expect to earn between £60,000 and £80,000 depending on many factors including the business, its size, sector, growth plans and people budget.
Is product management high paying?
A Chief Product Officer could be earning between £130,000 to £300,000 depending on a number of business factors. A Product Director or VP of Product role, could also earn between £100,000 - £200,000.
Are product managers in demand?
Due to ever increasing customer expectations, the launch of new products signifies a crucial time for any organisation. Getting the right product management team in place to support this launch, and to maintain and improve its functionality, is crucial to the businesses success. Product managers are therefore in demand in todays market, with our product recruitment team growing in turn to keep up with number of product vacancies.
What is a product manager?
A product manager regularly assesses the competitor and customer landscape to identify a customer needs and creates a product or develops a feature within an existing product to fulfill that need. A product manager will define the vision of that product, prioritisng features and capabilities, and defines the success criteria for that product.
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