Welcome to the internet age: where the future of the digital recruitment agency lives. In this extended article we are going to look at the role of a Digital Recruitment Agency in late 2018/19. How a recruiter in digital marketing looks for skills to fill vacancies.  We also assess some of the likely trends in job vacancies in this key and growing market and how they are likely to change in the short term.

How is the digital world is affecting the commercial landscape? Why is this causing the war for talent for the digital recruitment agency? And why are niche skills for digital jobs so hard to find? The digital world has given people and businesses a global platform to connect worldwide. Rising competition among businesses over recent years has given consumers more access to the millions of brands available across the worldwide digital landscape. This means that digital strategy is ever more important, with vacancies for digital strategy consultants opening up throughout the e-commerce industry. Intelligent People are here to answer all of those questions!

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Businesses now face even tougher pressures to adapt quickly to changing customer needs and keep pace with the latest innovations coming out of Silicon Valley. As a result of the digital evolution, the e-commerce landscape is a massive online commercial industry expected to grow revenues worldwide up to £3.66 billion in the year 2021. And that presents lots of exciting challenges for a modern digital recruitment agency like Intelligent People.

Digital recruitment agency

All this is why mobile apps, chatbox tools, voice-controlled units (such as Amazon Echo), mobile checkout systems, and augmented reality will continue to dominate the digital landscape for businesses competing to engage consumers with their retail brands. To find out how this all fits together in the recruitment landscape, read on…

Research On The Digital Landscape

Research has shown the global impact of how digital is reshaping the way businesses need to connect and interact with people in a rapidly changing world of computer technology.  There were over 1 billion internet users worldwide in 2005, and over time this has risen to over 3 billion. One report suggests that internet users frequently turn to mobile, with millennial internet users spending up to 185 minutes on mobile internet services daily in 2016.

The global phenomenon of social media across the digital landscape means more people than ever are interconnected on a digital platform sharing their lifestyle interests, hobbies, views and experiences. All this rapid change is, naturally, impacting on the way we recruit in digital marketing and the methods we use.

Digital Marketing Jobs

Explosive Growth Of Social Media Jobs

Another report by Statista shows how social media has become one of the most popular online activities, with a total of 2.19 billion monthly active users on Facebook recorded 2018. Since it was founded in 2004, Facebook is currently the world’s biggest social networking platform in terms of global reach of active users.

This, in turn, has produced an explosive growth in Social Media jobs and vacancies across the various social media and geographically across the U.K.

An example of the major influence of digital on peoples’ decisions to buy brands has come from the rise of video platforms such as YouTube, enabling customers to watch uploaded vlogs (video blogs) of people reviewing and sharing opinions of other brands. Similarly, public forum sites like Reddit, as well as good old-fashioned articles and blogs enable customers to write and read product reviews before making purchases. All of these functions inevitably lead to more jobs and indeed, jobs that are more specialised. This as opposed to the more generalist nature of digital vacancies we saw at the start of the online revolution.

This makes the internet and the myriad media platforms on it invaluable, as it plays a key role in the discovery of small to medium businesses, not to mention influencing consumers’ purchase decisions on goods and services.

Digital Vacancies From Digital Recruiters

Of course, it’s a great place to find the newest digital vacancies and most experienced digital recruitment agencies, in London (mostly) and throughout the UK. The rapid impact of social media has stretched to the far reaches of professional working life with increased avenues in online recruitment for digital jobs. Research by Statista also reveals that according to a global survey of hiring decision makers, 40% of respondents use social networking sites as a valuable source for quality hires.

Digital recruitment has become significantly important among 72% of global companies who make use of social media sites when hiring for digital vacancies, with even 54% of hiring professionals deciding not to hire a candidate based on content found on social media.

This makes competition fierce and highly selective in the digital recruitment marketplace for skills and talent, with successful candidates being sourced frequently by recruiters using LinkedIn. This professional networking site boasts over 460 million users, and currently has the highest success rate of hiring, more so than Facebook or Twitter.

Digital Recruitment

Another report confirms that LinkedIn is by far the most successful source for the digital recruitment agency according to HR professionals across the US, with 87% of HR professionals sourcing this platform for recruitment and 73% of HR professionals have successfully hired candidates using this site.

The pioneering development of digital from the early days of the internet has enabled professional candidates to be interconnected with employers using specialised sites on LinkedIn and beyond, where samples of portfolio work and information can easily be accessed by global headhunters and HR recruiters.

In comparison, only 43% of HR professionals sourced Facebook for digital recruitment. What is important to note is that mobile smartphones are starting to play a rising influence in the recruitment process, with 39% of HR professionals in the US experimenting with mobile recruiting features and optimizing their career websites for mobile users.

Technological advances and a growing need for tech-minded professionals will largely influence the digital vacancies landscape in the future. A digital strategy consultant can expect a salary of £45-£75k. A wide scope, sure, but your mileage will vary according to the client, budget and expectations.

The future of online talent platforms influencing the growth of digital recruitment agencies is set to surge as there is a continuing demand for candidates seeking the right opportunities. According to global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, online talent platforms could yield as much as $2.7 trillion dollars in global GDP (approximately £2 trillion GBP) by the year 2025.

Specific Job Networks

Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and Monster.com will be at the forefront of this increasingly loud marketplace for digital vacancies, and this progression believed to offer huge benefits for worldwide economies and individuals as more digital recruitment companies come into the market.

Employment could increase by as many as 72 million full-time equivalent positions. A whopping 540 million people benefiting from online talent websites, and as many as 230 million people could find jobs more quickly than through traditional methods of recruiting.

Digital strategy vacancies

The other 200 million people who are unemployed, or employed part-time, could gain additional hours from freelance websites. Businesses and people alike are starting to rely on digital platforms to further opportunities not just in commercial activities, but in career development.

Digital marketing jobs

Deeper Social Insights Into Prospective Candidates

The digital landscape offers HR professionals and recruiters valuable insight into prospective candidates. Jon Bischke, CEO of recruitment software company Entelo, says in socialtalent, “twenty years ago, the CV was a piece of paper. Now, it’s a collection of all [candidate] data that can be found online, like participation in online communities, conferences and meet-ups. Recruiters can assess whether a person will fit, and learn if he or she has the right skills for a job.”

Digital Strategy Jobs

In such a crowded space, it’s essential that an agency like ours represents your broad church of skills in the best possible light. Typical digital strategy consultant jobs demand experience in growth marketing, a strong degree, knowledge of SEO, and an aptitude for making friends, influencing people, and winning that all-important new business. No matter how digital the world becomes, old values are what still make the world go round.

digital strategy jobs

And, back to digital, this is what makes the world a smaller place. Niche skills and experience are hard to find, but you can make it easier to fill your digital strategy consultant vacancies by casting your net not just in London, but further afield. International team members bring cross-cultural insights and innovation from around the world.

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Use A Specialist Digital Recruitment Agency

If you’re a client you’ll know the business end of the market, and if you’re running an SME then you’ll feel that pain especially, but a specialist digital recruitment agency like Intelligent People also know the people and what motivates them. We can give you a greater insight into what makes potential clients tick, and assess whether they’d be a good fit for your company – all you have to do is talk to them and decide if you want them on the team.

A study found that being perceived a ‘digital leader’ stands you in the best stead for winning the war for digital talent. Beyond securing that talent, it’s then up to you to train employees – this makes them feel valued, and in turn attracts more new candidates.

Digital Industry Growth

As the digital industry grows and grows, you can play your part. It’s apparent that as far as digital marketing vacancies are converned, London seems to be the centre of the action – so make sure your base is easy to reach. Make sure that employees can reach each other using the latest collaboration tools so that teams can work together and communicate better.

No matter how big or small your business is, you need to make sure you don’t get left behind. Investing in digital tools (especially for collaboration), cultivating a culture of ideas and innovation, and making sure your current teams are digitally savvy, are key to hiring the best talent with the niche skills the industry demands. Check out more on Online Marketing Jobs and Vacancies.

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