Are you Black Friday and Christmas shopping during work?

Stuck in front of computers and laptops all day, it’s increasingly normal to do some cheeky online shopping at work during business hours. And with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas still to come, it might hit your wallet – but can it impact your work reputation too? Looking over your shoulder? In 2014, research […]


How do you improve your company’s culture?

Your company’s culture is the beating heart of your business. At best, the core values it represents drives the business forward. At worst, it can break your team members’ morale. Is it contributing to churn in your company? But how do you improve your company culture? Here are some tips. When it’s bad, it’s really […]


Should non-smokers get fresh air breaks?

Are smokers getting away with sneaking in more break time than their non-smokers? Some people think so. A poll by vaping supplies firm Flavour Boss found nearly 80% of people feel that way. And 58% of those who took the poll think that non-smokers should be entitled to the same breaks as smokers. Why could […]


Who’s the office firecracker?

Bonfire Night is around the corner! We take a look at the mixed bag of personalities in the office. From the rowdy ‘rockets’ to the shy ‘sparklers’, who’s the most fiery of them all? How do you manage them? And, most importantly… which one are you? The Rocket The centre of attention, this is the […]


Five ways to avoid horror interviews

Hallowe’en is around the corner, but interviews can turn into a real horror show all year ’round. You might find yourself in the drawn-out psychological horror of a dragging interview, or facing the jump-scare of a rejection you didn’t see coming. How do you create a happy outcome at every interview? 1. Don’t stumble in […]


How to lose top talent: have you got the hiring process from hell?

The best people in the business know their worth, and are willing to take a leap. We know that the recruitment process takes time: careful planning, screening methods, budget, internal politics. But your candidates don’t care about that! Here’s why it’s in your interest to cut to the chase and get the best talent on […]


How to keep healthy this winter

‘Tis the season for colds and flu, and with that double threat on the horizon, it’s time to take care of your health and wellbeing in the workplace! Who’s got time to be unwell? Nobody. So follow our top tips for staying healthy this winter as the temperature drops… Clean that desk! Did you know […]


Workin’ 9 to 5? Working hours around the world

As a wise woman once said: “Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’”, and decades on those words still resonate – they’re the standard core hours for most. But how do other countries stack up against the UK for time clocked up? Who works the most – and the least? Research […]


Choosing your job offer: 7 questions to ask yourself

So you’ve landed that job offer… and another one, too. Well done – now, how do you make your choice between two (or more) tempting deals? Accepting an offer is a decision you have to make quickly; it’s a real leap of faith. These questions will help you cut through the noise of vested professional, […]


No ‘I’ in team: the importance of team-building

We spend most of our daily lives day in and day out with colleagues, so is it any wonder team building is so important? We look at the four main ways it can benefit your business – and we give you seven ways to do it without walking on hot coals… Four ways team-building can […]

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