Intelligent People are executive recruiters widely respected by employers and candidates across London, EMEA and North America. We are an executive recruitment agency for a diverse range of clients, including corporate and scale-up customers across consumer and tech markets.

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When you need someone with specific experience to help you build, launch, organise or scale and it is too important to risk not having the best in the market. Working with us as expert executive recruiters London across Product Management, Product design and UXMarketing and commercial leadership positions provides a way to cut through the competition, hire the best C-suite candidates in the market and set you up for growth.

Our talented executive recruiters have the market expertise and experience to introduce the best C-suite candidates in the market to your brand, allowing the business to deliver against its stretching objectives.

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Executive recruitment London

Intelligent People’s executive recruitment agency in London follows a detailed and thorough methodology, to ensure that every possible C-suite candidate is considered in the research phase. As executive recruiters, we use a proactive and multi-channel approach, where we identify and target both your competitors and comparable sectors that may house the experience you need.

Our C-suite executive search services in London headhunts a number of C-level roles, with particular strength in Product, Marketing, eCommerce and Commercial Leadership executive placements.

C suite recruitment

For more than 20 years, our executive recruiters have been the first choice for companies looking for C level recruitment services within product, marketing and eCommerce.

Our niche domain experience has made us a market leader, delivering unrivalled results for C-suite recruitment. We help you determine what skills and competencies are required for your business, where these candidates are in the market and what overall salary and equity package is going to secure C-suite candidates over your competitors.

We know our C-suite recruitment formula works; our executive recruiters have placed many Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Product Officers, Chief Customer Officers and Chief Commercial Officers into their roles, maintaining great relationships with many today.

Watch our interview with Ben Lavender, Chief Product Officer at DAZN about all things product. Ben Lavender was a former candidate placed by Intelligent People.

C-level roles we recruit for

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

A salary of £130,000 to £300,000 could be expected at this level.

Chief Product Officer is an executive level position which leads the entire product department including innovation, design, project management and delivery. 

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 

A salary of £150,000 – £300,000 could be expected at this level.

Chief Marketing Officer roles are often similar in roles and responsibilities as Marketing VP’s. Both levels require a strong person to adopt the voice of the customer, implementing customer segmentation models, to improve user experience across all marketing touchpoints. When a Chief Marketing Officer starts applying a customer-centric approach, other metrics normally take care of themselves – lead generation, sales and repeat business.

Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

A salary of £100,000 – £150,000 could be expected at this level.

A Chief Customer Officer has responsibilities which include cross functional team management, ensuring all marketing, sales and customer teams are focused wholly on the customer and aligned in their approach. They will also head up customer research programmes, analysing the findings to form a 360 view of the customer that the business understands. They will also utilise customer data analytics to create strategies on how to build and maintain customer engagement and loyalty.

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) 

A salary of £120,000 – £300,000 could be expected at this level.
A Chief Commercial Officer is responsible for the commercial development of the business by setting a commercial strategy and ensuring these goals are met. An understanding of the performance of marketing and sales team is required to do this, as well as a focus on the motivation, performance, and retention of quality teams.

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

A salary of £120,000 – £300,000 could be expected at this level.

A Chief Operations Officer measures the efficiency of an organisations operational processes and takes steps to improve them. They oversee the operations of the business and its employees and designs better operational initiatives that must be implemented. The COO would report directly into the CEO of the organisation.

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

A salary of £120,000 – £300,000 could be expected at this level.

A Chief Revenue Officer is responsible for leading the commercial functions of the business ensuring growth targets are met and maximise revenue potential. Often shortened to CRO, the Chief Revenue Officer will be a creative and innovative thinker, able to think outside the box and look for new opportunities for revenue generation and profit making.


Q: What does an executive recruiter do?
A: Executive recruiters follow a detailed and thorough method to ensure they scour the market, utilising a multi-channel approach to target both your competitors and comparable sectors that may have the experience you need. An executive recruiter will approach both active and passive candidates to compile a shortlist of qualified candidates to present to their client. Headhunting usually forms part of the executive recruiters role.
Q: What is another name for an executive recruiter?
A: Executive recruiters can also be called a headhunter. This is because executive recruiters look to the passive candidate market - i.e. those candidates who are not currently looking for a new role, and may require 'headhunting' or active outreach for them to consider the position available.
Q: How do executive recruiters get paid?
A: Unlike a contingency recruiter, who is paid on success, executive recruiters or search firms are normally paid 33% of the fee to take on the assignment. Once a shortlist has been produced, an executive recruiter will take a further 33% of the fee, moving then to arrange interviews and follow this through to offer stage. The remaining balance is then only settled when a candidate has been chosen and successfully placed within your organisation.
Q: What is the main difference between a headhunter and a recruitment agency?
A: An organisation may look to a recruiter when they are looking to make a new hire or have a series of vacancies, but lack the time and resources to complete the hiring process from end-to-end. So a recruiter will be engaged, often on a contingency recruitment basis, where the business only pays on placement of a candidate put forward by the agency. Executive search is a specialised type of recruitment, in which an employer pays executive recruiters to research the market, develop a shortlist of engaged candidates, and take the candidates through the hiring process including interviews and offer stages. Due to the detailed and thorough methodology involved in executive search, where a proactive and multi-channel approach is utilised, payment for services is structured differently to other recruitment methods. Executive search firms normally ask for a third of the fee to be taken on agreement of the assignment, a third on shortlist of candidates, and a third on placement. As part of the fee is paid upfront, this is known as a retained executive search.