As one of the best specialist executive search firms in London, we are often asked about the benefits of engaging an executive search specialist. Read this blog to discover our recommendations for the best executive search firms in London, each with their own specialist recruitment areas.

When would an executive search firm be beneficial?

An executive search firm would be beneficial in the following scenarios:

  • your executive vacancy is time critical. Either you are nearing a product launch, a launch into new territories or your competitors are gaining market share. Or a current executive is leaving the business and you’d like to ensure there is an effective handover
  • you require specific domain experience from your next hire. You have the highest chance of success of attracting and engaging the best talent in the market using a specialist search firm who have already built contacts and knowledge in the domain you require – and know how to sell your business, your pipeline, your objectives
  • your in-house talent team are under-resourced. We often find this, meaning the search for an executive takes 2-3 times longer than it needs to
  • your vacancy has been open for a while. A long hiring process create a loss of productivity, increased employee stress and have an impact on the bottom line, but it can also damage the perception of the brand within the candidate network

We have compiled a guide into the 5 best executive search firms London to help you with your hiring needs, all with specialist domain expertise.

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Executive search firms London: the 5 best of the best

  1. Intelligent People

Expertise: Product management, marketing & eCommerce

We are an International executive search consultancy firm with 20 years of specialist domain knowledge.

Focus makes us different. Our specialist executive recruiters’ domain knowledge across product managementmarketing and eCommerce gives us a clear advantage.

We already have the candidate network that other firms have to discover with each search, meaning we can deliver executive searches much more quickly than our competitors, often delivering shortlists within just 5-6 weeks of the receiving the brief.

Intelligent People’s Executive Search team follows a detailed and thorough methodology, to ensure that every possible candidate is considered in the research phase. We use a proactive and multi-channel approach, where we identify and target both your competitors and comparable sectors that may house the experience you need.

2. Stone Executive

Expertise: HR

Stone Executive know that HR is about much more than simply recruiting and managing personnel. It’s about leveraging talent, implementing behavioural change, and helping to define and deliver the corporate vision. That’s why today’s successful HR leaders are very different to their counterparts of 20 years ago.

The latest generation of senior HR executives are more collaborative, more innovative, and more able to embrace, influence and manage ongoing change. And identifying senior executives with this diverse and hugely valuable skill set requires the services of a specialist.

3. Marks Sattin

Expertise: Professional services

All searches are bespoke and tailored to the wants and needs of their clients; thorough, discreet and flexible. Their pioneering approach that fuses classic head-hunting techniques with modern technology has enabled us to lead the market for 30 years. 

All of their searches offer a robust 12-week process with curated, dynamic market mapping. Their service is based on an end-to-end feedback cycle, which includes constructive feedback to both candidates and clients at all stages.

4. Carbon Search

Expertise: Financial services

Carbon work intimately with clients to bring them the best leadership talent and keep ahead of the ever-evolving financial services landscape. 85% of their work is repeat business, serving large global financial firms, specialist firms and innovators.

Their extensive, diverse, and actively engaged network of international financial services leaders sets them apart. They build forensic talent maps and clear pictures of the best candidates in the market; not just who they are, but how they operate and how they would fit in their clients’ cultures.

5. Jones & Davey

Expertise: Legal

Jones Davey provide a specialist, legal executive recruitment service for their clients. Their bespoke service is centred around in-depth research and analysis to ensure that candidate and clients are closely matched based on their requirements.

Their clients range from leading regional organisations and boutique law firms to leading international legal practices based in the UK, US and Asia. They have developed intimate relationships and contacts, with key decision makers coupled with the resources to match client and candidate to an exacting degree.

Jones Davey is a name you can trust. They have been trading for over 11 years within the legal search marketplace, consistently achieving a success rate above 90%, giving them the confidence to offer their client a 100% refund on our services.


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