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What is an interim Marketing Director?

An interim Marketing Director is a highly experienced marketing professional engaged by a business to fulfil specific roles and address unique challenges, often in time-sensitive scenarios. Their role is multifaceted is not merely about executing marketing strategies, but rather about addressing specific challenges with agility and expertise. They serve as a short-term solution to meet immediate needs, provide specialised guidance, and drive results while ensuring the organisation can navigate transitions, reduce costs, leverage their immediate availability, and gain fresh insights to enhance its marketing efforts.

When to hire an interim Marketing Director

There are several scenarios in which companies may benefit from an interim Marketing Director:

Leadership vacancy

When a company’s permanent Marketing Director or Chief Marketing Officer abruptly resigns or takes an extended leave of absence, an interim Marketing Director steps in to ensure that marketing operations continue smoothly. Their primary objective is to maintain stability, oversee ongoing campaigns, and provide leadership until a suitable permanent replacement is found.

Strategic restructuring

During periods of strategic restructuring or rebranding, companies may hire an interim Marketing Director to bring fresh insights and implement necessary changes. This may include redefining target audiences, refining messaging, or repositioning the brand to align with the new corporate strategy.

Crisis management

In the face of a marketing crisis, such as a public relations disaster or a sudden drop in sales, a business may enlist the expertise of an interim Marketing Director. Their primary focus is to assess the situation, devise a crisis management strategy, and execute immediate measures to mitigate damage and restore trust in the brand.

Product launches

When a company is gearing up for a significant product or service launch, an interim Marketing Director can be brought in to lead the launch efforts. Their objectives may include creating a tailored launch plan, coordinating cross-functional teams, and ensuring all marketing channels are optimised to maximise product visibility and sales.

Market expansion

Companies expanding into new markets or regions may require an interim Marketing Director with specific market expertise. Their primary task is to research and adapt marketing strategies to the new audience, localise campaigns, and navigate regulatory or cultural nuances that may impact marketing efforts.

Cost saving initiatives

In times when a company seeks to optimise its marketing expenses without sacrificing expertise, an interim Marketing Director can step in. Their primary objective is to assess the existing marketing strategies and identify cost-saving opportunities, whether it’s through streamlining campaigns, renegotiating contracts with vendors, or re-evaluating marketing technology investments. By doing so, they help the business maintain financial efficiency while still achieving marketing goals.

Time-sensitive need

Unlike permanent Marketing Directors who typically have notice periods, interim Marketing Directors are readily available, making them invaluable in situations that demand quick action. Whether it’s responding to an unexpected marketing crisis, capitalising on a sudden market opportunity, or filling a sudden leadership void, they can swiftly assume their role without the usual lead time, ensuring the continuity of marketing operations.

Strategy refresh

When an organisation faces stagnation or desires a fresh approach to its marketing strategies, an interim Marketing Director brings a new perspective and a wealth of experience to the table. Their objectives often include conducting thorough market assessments, introducing innovative tactics, and rejuvenating the marketing department’s creativity and effectiveness. They provide an outside viewpoint that can spark innovation and drive growth.

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Interim Marketing Director responsibilities

The responsibilities of an interim Marketing Director can vary depending on the specific circumstances and scenarios, as mentioned above. In general however, they bring expertise, leadership, and adaptability to the table, ensuring that marketing operations continue seamlessly and that the business goals are met effectively, whether in times of crisis, transition, cost-saving, or innovation.

More specific responsibilities of an interim Marketing Director could include:

Assessment and strategy development: In scenarios involving cost-saving initiatives or when a fresh perspective is needed, the interim Marketing Director begins by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current marketing landscape. This includes evaluating existing strategies, resources, and market dynamics. Based on their findings, they develop tailored marketing strategies and plans aligned with the company objectives.

Leadership and team management: Whether it’s due to a leadership vacancy or the need for immediate availability, interim Marketing Directors assume leadership roles within the marketing department. They manage and mentor marketing teams, ensuring alignment with the newly devised strategies, and maintain team morale and productivity.

Crisis management and quick decision-making: When called upon to address a marketing crisis, interim Marketing Directors are adept at swift decision-making. They assess the situation, develop crisis management strategies, and execute immediate measures to mitigate damage, all while maintaining open lines of communication with stakeholders.

Cost optimisation and budget management: In cost-saving scenarios, interim Marketing Directors work diligently to identify areas where marketing expenditures can be reduced without compromising results. They manage budgets efficiently, negotiate vendor contracts, and implement cost-effective marketing solutions.

Market research and new market entry: For organisations expanding into new markets or seeking a fresh perspective, interim Marketing Directors conduct in-depth market research. They analyse market trends, customer behaviour, and competition to develop strategies tailored to the new environment, ensuring successful market entry.

Innovation and fresh insights: In scenarios where a fresh perspective is needed, interim Marketing Directors inject innovation into the marketing department. They introduce new ideas, technologies, and approaches to rejuvenate marketing efforts, all while keeping a keen eye on emerging industry trends and opportunities.

Transition planning and knowledge transfer: Regardless of the scenario, interim Marketing Directors often play a role in transitioning their responsibilities to permanent marketing leadership. They document strategies, processes, and key insights, facilitating a smooth handover when the company hires a permanent Marketing Director.

How much does an interim Marketing Director cost?

A day rate for an Interim Marketing Director in today’s market is between £700-£1000.

Many employers often hesitate to explore contract recruitment or seek interim support due to concerns about cost. 

However, it’s essential to take a comprehensive view of the total cost to the business when considering fixed-term contractors. Notably, expenses such as holiday pay, sick pay, and employee benefits such as life insurance, health cover, and income protection insurance need not be factored in. As a result, interim recruitment may not be as financially burdensome as initially anticipated.

Day rates for interim contractors can vary significantly based on factors such as the specific role, location, the unique needs of the business, project objectives, and contract duration.

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Interim Marketing Director job description

Working for one of Europe’s fastest growing fashion eCommerce businesses, the Interim Marketing Director role involves leading a team of 5 to oversee all acquisition activities until a permanent replacement joins (likely in 3-4 months).

This will involve being very close to the detail to test and optimise campaigns across digital channels across the UK and European territories.

The role is fully remote (UK).

The Interim Marketing Director will:

-Drive traffic growth, work to define the digital marketing strategy; optimising performance marketing solutions, social media integration, SEO, paid search, audience strategy, affiliates/referral programs, influencer networking, online PR, social;
-Drive organic site traffic up and boost conversion rates by creating high purchase intent content, linking interesting content that is created within and keep customers on the website
-Create best in class localised acquisition and retention tactics to plan and execute across key global markets
-Develop and execute across all digital channels including PPC, SEO, paid social, affiliates and display
-Own all digital marketing forecasts and budgets, managing digital marketing allocation, working closely with other business stakeholders on forecasting and budgeting
-Lead a team of 5 across international, SEO, paid, social and affiliates.
-Work very closely with the CRM team.
-Identify growth and development opportunities in digital backed by insights that can be shared and easily understood by the wider business
-Work closely with technology, merchandising and trading teams to achieve yearly objectives using quantifiable KPI’s
-Contribute to driving increased marketing efficiency through identifying cost re-investments on existing customers and non-incremental activity; The team are very hands-on and work at pace – efficiencies and changes should be made when and as often as needed
-Continually research and understand the global paid environment to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry

Candidates for the Interim Marketing Director role must have:

-Very strong hands on experience driving customer acquisition across all digital channels.
-Strong comfort working at pace, continually adapting to deliver first class trading results.
-Strong comfort with data and use of data to drive testing, optimise and make decisions
-Previous experience managing a high performance digital marketing team in a retail environment.

Interim Marketing Director job descriptions may differ considerably depending on the business size, growth objectives and marketing plan. 

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Interim Marketing Director soft skills

The top 7 soft skills required from an interim Marketing Director include:

Interim leadership: Strong leadership skills to provide guidance, motivation, and stability during transitional phases, ensuring marketing operations run smoothly.

Adaptability: Flexibility to quickly adjust to different company cultures, industries, and challenges encountered in interim roles.

Effective communication in transition: Exceptional communication skills to clearly convey strategies, changes, and objectives to team members and stakeholders, especially in dynamic contexts.

Problem-solving under pressure: The ability to identify and resolve issues swiftly, make sound decisions in high-pressure situations, and think creatively to overcome unique interim challenges.

Stakeholder relationship management: Proficiency in building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders, including executives, team members, and external partners, to drive successful interim marketing initiatives.

Strategic adaptation: The capacity to swiftly assess a businesses marketing landscape and adapt existing strategies to meet immediate needs, whether for crisis management, cost-saving, or market expansion.

Transition planning: Expertise in documenting strategies, processes, and key insights to facilitate a seamless handover to permanent marketing leadership once hired.

Job requirements for an Interim Marketing Director

To become an effective interim Marketing Director, individuals typically need a combination of job experience, qualifications, and professional certifications. Here is a breakdown of what is often required:

Job experience:

Extensive marketing experience

Typically, a minimum of 10-15 years of progressive experience in marketing and leadership roles is required. This should include experience in strategic planning, campaign management, team leadership, and project execution. Experience in interim or consulting roles can be particularly valuable, as it demonstrates the ability to adapt quickly to new environments and deliver results within a limited timeframe.

Exposure to a variety of industries or sectors can be beneficial, as it broadens an interim Marketing Director’s perspective and allows them to apply best practices from different contexts.

In certain cases, experience in managing marketing crises or handling high-stakes situations may be essential, especially if the role involves crisis management or turnaround efforts.


A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field is typically a minimum requirement. Many interim Marketing Directors hold advanced degrees, such as an MBA.

Depending on the industry in which they operate, knowledge of specific regulations, market dynamics, and consumer behaviour can be crucial.

Professional certifications:

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM): The CIM offers a wide range of certifications, including the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing and the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing. These qualifications are highly respected and cover essential aspects of marketing and management.

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM): IDM’s professional diplomas, especially in digital marketing, data and analytics, and marketing communications, are well-regarded in the industry and align with the evolving digital landscape.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Chartered Practitioner Status: For Marketing Directors focusing on public relations and communications, achieving Chartered Practitioner status with CIPR demonstrates expertise in PR and effective communication strategies, which are critical skills for the role.

These certifications provide a strong foundation in marketing, digital strategies, and communication, and they are recognised by employers and peers in the UK. Depending on the specific focus of the interim Marketing Director’s role and industry, one or more of these certifications can significantly enhance their qualifications and effectiveness in the field.

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What is an Interim Marketing Director?
An Interim Marketing Director is a temporary executive hired by a company to oversee and manage its marketing activities during a transitional period. This role typically arises due to factors like leadership turnover, restructuring, or the need for specialised expertise for specific projects. Interim Marketing Directors provide immediate leadership, develop and execute marketing strategies, and ensure continuity in marketing operations. They play a crucial role in driving marketing initiatives, achieving business objectives, and maintaining momentum while the organisation navigates through changes or seeks a permanent Marketing Director.
Is Marketing Director higher than Head of Marketing?
Yes, a Marketing Director position is higher than a Head of Marketing position. Often a Head of Marketing will report directly into a Marketing Director, whereas a Marketing Director is likely to report into a VP Marketing, a CMO or CEO of a business. The reporting hierarchy depends on the size and structure of the business in question.
What is the salary of an interim Marketing Director?
An Interim Marketing Director could achieve a day rate of £700 to £1000 in 2024.