Search Engine Marketing or SEM as it has become known, encompasses all of the online search marketing activities that an organisation does to increase traffic to and promote visibility of its website. The number of vacancioes in this key area of digital marketing has inreased rapidly as the complexity inherent in search has increased.

Ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to PPC (including Google AdWords, Facebook and other paid traffic sources like YouTube) social media marketing and online classified ads, SEM job vacancies can be a perfect fit for candidates with a comprehensive and overarching online marketing skill set in.

This is particularly so, for example, at manager or director level. It is very much a helicopter view on the whole concept of search marketing.

Setting strategy and working out plans for online visibility and driving traffic all come under the compass of these roles.

Equally, an SEM job could also be an ideal opportunity for, say, a specialist who focuses on a particular area of search engine marketing, such as search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEM is a huge arena where skilled experienced candidates are always in high demand from blue-chip market-leading clients seeking to develop and expand the knowledge, techniques and expertise of their search marketing teams as part of a wider digital online marketing strategy.

There are often vacancies in start-ups as well, where candidates who are particularly adept in such situations are always in demand. This could be a vacancy within a new start up or perhaps a new product being brought to market by an existing company. Either way a strategy for online visibility and traffic generation is key to success in this day and age.

SEM Recruitment

As an SEM recruitment agency working in this market, it is our job to match these scarce skills with quality vacancies to ensure the right match for both candidate and client alike. Our expert consultants have experience themselves of working in this arena and so have a complete empathy for the resourcing requirements of our clients.

Not only are we looking to help our customers build their business, we also have the career aspirations of our candidates at the forefront of everything we do in our recruitment processes. Customer service to both sides, and a deep understanding of this market is key to our success.

With more than ten years’ experience in SEM recruitment, Intelligent People can fill your search engine marketing job vacancies with efficiency and competency.

Check out our job listings where you will find all of our roles in this market where salaries range from £40k up to £80k and above.

We can find you qualified experienced professionals with the expertise you’re looking for who are as all-rounded or specialist as your requirements demand.

Our experienced and dedicated team of Search recruitment consultants are constantly on the search for new talent, in addition to having an expansive historic database of eligible candidates at their fingertips.

We also recruit for Product Management Jobs

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