Intelligent People a recruitment agency in Lonond – We have experienced consultants consistently matching highly skilled candidates with like-minded organisations.

Always hiring

We continually look for online and digital marketing roles for some of the most advanced Ecommerce projects in the capital. Having specialised in this market for over ten years we understand it in great depth.

That means you always benefit from our knowledge and investment in recruiting these vital areas for your business.

Forward thinking

We’ve made a large investment in a dedicated management system of our own over those ten years. Being one of the first agencies working in this market, we have some of the best-established people working in these areas on our database.

This gives us an amazing depth of experience, which benefits all our clients in Greater London.

Our large advertising budget allows us access to all the current job markets, but it’s our database, and networking methodology, that uncovers the highly sought-after passive job seekers.

The types of jobs in London we recruit for include:

We work with online/new media organisations, telecoms and datacoms providers, and the technology market:

  • Online Retail
  • Travel
  • Media
  • Business Services
  • Not-for-profit
  • Fixed, Mobile, Converged and ISPs
  • Software Vendors
  • MSPs and SIs

Struggling to find the right candidates? Got a tough assignment that calls for specialist expertise? Looking to change your recruitment strategy? Building your marketing and product management teams? Call us on 01727 736 690.

Intelligent People work with a broad range of Online and New Media Organisations (including Online Retail, Travel, Media, Business Services & NfP).

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