A large segment of online marketing and advertising is performance-based and uses paid channels, such as cost per click per mil (CPM), pay per click (PPC), affiliate advertising, retargeting and paid searches including Google AdWords. This is where performance marketing recruitment comes to the fore.

Performance marketing works on a performance basis and involves the monitoring and measuring of the above activities. When a specific action within a paid channel is completed, such as a sale via a paid channel or a paid download, the advertiser or affiliate is paid.

Experts Don’t Agree

Even the experts can disagree on the scope of performance marketing, with some saying that performance advertising also includes non-advertising such as social media, organic SEO, referral marketing and strategic partnerships. While similar to affiliate marketing, which uses a cost per sale, revenue-sharing model, performance marketing is a larger arena that includes affiliate marketing as a subset. Affiliate marketing is a version of performance marketing where an affiliate promotes an advertiser and is rewarded for this marketing activity.

Recruitment Consultants With The Right Experience

IP’s experienced consultants have a comprehensive knowledge of the complete overarching market, and offer a keen insight into all the e-commerce and digital marketing subsets that it encompasses. If you’re searching for a vacancy in this area, we can bring you many potential opportunities to interest and inspire you. We are always on top of all associated emerging technologies and the latest trends and advancements in digital/performance marketing.

We know that demand is strong for eligible candidates who can develop strategic and positive long-term relationships with your clients. A valued performance marketing manager would be able to plan, implement, develop and optimize all paid digital marketing activities, and would demonstrate strong data analysis skills.

Key Facets Of Performance Marketing Jobs

Monitoring, testing and optimizing every available channel to constantly improve its performance is vital. If you’re an organization looking to recruit for your performance marketing team, we will find you perfectly qualified candidates who can offer insight and recommendations on how to implement this optimization cycle on a constant basis.

The consultants at Intelligent People have an innate understanding of online marketing principles in the digital environment and one of our specialist recruitment areas is e-commerce. We can find dynamic, innovative and determined individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment, who are able to identify and exploit opportunities in pro-active manner.

The ability to optimize effective strategies and drive a positive return on investment from paid channels is paramount, and we can deliver to you the right motivated and ambitious personnel to drive your organization forward to greater success.

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