Do You Have What It Takes to Get an Online Customer Acquisition Job?

The world of digital marketing is fast moving and furious at the best of times, and as technology, trends and customer needs shift and evolve, the professionals working within the digital marketing sector always have to be one step ahead of the game. As a result, job functions in digital marketing are becoming more and more fragmented with individuals who were once experts in digital as a whole having to specialise further.

Customer Acquisition – A Growing Discipline

One of the largest areas that digital marketers are looking to hone their craft in is online customer acquisition, a process that is more integral than ever to businesses based predominantly online or those operating traditional bricks and mortar stores and ecommerce platforms in unison.

As a leading recruitment consultancy handling the placement of top-level marketing, product management and ecommerce professionals across multiple industries, the need for online customer acquisition marketers is becoming more and more prominent, but what does it take to work in this specialist field?
What exactly is online customer acquisition?

Attraction and Persuasion

In short, online customer acquisition is the process of gaining new consumers throughout the online world, but the job role itself goes one step further. Not only does an online customer acquisition marketer have to devise and implement the strategies that attract consumers that are actually interested in their client’s products or services, but in turn, persuade them to part with their hard earned cash to purchase said products or services.

These days organisations, from the blue chip companies that we work with to those just starting out, understand that the cost of customer acquisition is one worth footing, and are willing to spend more in this area to add value to their business whilst opening up new revenue streams and strengthening those already established. Business growth goes hand-in-hand with customer acquisition and the process provides a vital link between company and consumer to ensure that the latter are kept satisfied and more importantly come back for more.

Acquisition Marketer Vacancies

Unfortunately, like the majority of digital marketing disciplines, there are no hard and fast rules in online customer acquisition jobs, and the fulfilment of such a vacancy is not linear or predictable. Planning however should not be cast aside and is important if you are looking to minimise risk factors and maximise your chances of success. Keeping your cost of acquiring lower than your retaining revenue is the key as a business, and as an acquisition marketer it is important to facilitate this, otherwise your employer’s pockets will have to be very (very) deep.

As part of the planning process, you should focus on pinpointing potential customers, but not just any consumer. To ensure quality leads, quality customers must be targeted and suitable acquisition strategies devised to attract these individuals or businesses. Once quality customers have been identified, they must be separated further into consumers that just express interest in your client’s products or services and those who are familiar with or already utilise these. The qualification of leads can then begin and relationships suitably established.

Is online customer acquisition right for you?

Whilst companies are prepared to spend more and more on online customer acquisition we are seeing a big increase in recruitment happening now. The digital marketing specialists that make it happen, being aware of the pitfalls that are associated with this particular job role will want to be sure you are ‘cut out’ for such a position.

Knowing The Customer

To be successful acquisition marketers must have a thorough understanding of what the customers they are looking to acquire are investing in. Knowing how to spend your budget wisely and via which channels is also a vital part of the job, and with various avenues to explore, from digital media, offline and PR to search, social and content, knowing what suits the structure of the strategy will ensure the value achieved is high and the experience is equally as satisfying for your customers.

Finding that invaluable marketing mix and moving with, not against, your customers is the key to ensuring that your position as an online customer acquisition marketer is a satisfying one with the ability to identify suitable channels, target tactics that bring success, and devise and implement the strategies that help you appreciate each and every customer’s lifetime value (LTV) critical to the role.

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