Loyalty Marketing History

While loyalty marketing vacancies have been on the increase in recent decades due to the introduction of schemes such as air miles, frequent shopper, frequent flyer, loyalty shopping cards and credit card incentive programs, the concept itself has been around for more than a century. As early as the first cigarette cards in the 1880s and a giveaway children’s book with Kellogg’s corn flakes in 1909, loyalty marketing has been used as a reliable and innovative way to increase customer consumption and ensure customer retention.

Specialist Recruitment

Intelligent People is a specialist loyalty and retention marketing manager recruitment agency and we understand loyalty marketing jobs inside out. We can find inspired skilled candidates for your organization who can help you focus on creating rewards and incentives for your existing customers, while also increasing customer satisfaction and attracting new customers.

We know that selling more to existing customers makes sense. Loyalty marketing is cost-effective as it boosts profits while minimizing marketing efforts to find new customers. As well as increasing sales, loyalty marketing is a great web marketing and advertising tool.

Happy Customers Are Loyal

A happy customer is usually a loyal customer and is highly likely to be an advocate for your company. News from a satisfied customer can travel quickly via word-of-mouth, social media, and customer referral to friends, family, colleagues and other contacts and connections, which will ultimately bring in new customers so driving sales up with relative ease.

A loyalty marketing manager or retention marketing manager requires knowledge of multiple channels through which they can drive customer loyalty and engagement. An ability to influence customer behaviour through incentives, benefits and rewards via channels such as email, video, ecommerce, website content, mobile channels and social media is preferable, as are excellent analytical skills to monitor and measure the effectiveness of each channel.


Imagination and originality can play a large part in the development of new loyalty schemes to reward customers so a creative and inventive individual who can think independently and has vision will be a huge asset to any loyalty marketing team. The ability to plan and structure a loyalty scheme is also vital as you must first decide on the customer behavior that you want to influence, and then devise ways in which to implement it – for example, discounts, a free gift or a free product to reward repeat purchases and increased spending.

Getting to know your customer through social media, blogs and email surveys could give you an idea of what customers expect and demand from your organization, giving valuable clues into the type of loyalty schemes that would work most effectively for your organization.

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If you are a candidate who has the experience and insight to manage this process, and you have knowledge of multiple channel marketing and data analysis, you could be an extremely valuable addition to a digital marketing team. Contact us to find your next exciting loyalty marketing job and career move.

If you are part of an organization seeking an innovative and talented loyalty marketing specialist, keep your customers on your side by allowing IP to find the next exceptional member of your team.

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