Every hour around the world, it is estimated that billions of emails are sent. An email sent from an advertiser to a potential or existing customer can improve brand loyalty, enhance the market awareness of the product messaging and can even result in a direct sale. This is email marketing and the number of jobs in this area is growing rapidly.

An Early Form Of Online Marketing

Email marketing, while one of the earliest forms of online marketing and advertising, is still a powerful method of reaching a market and has a higher than average probability of turning a potential purchase into a done deal. Fast, trackable and efficient, emails get delivered to a huge audience who may already be qualified leads as a result of opting in to an email list or being an existing customer. As this market and skillset mature, so the nature of email marketing jobs change. Certainly with more advanced software available the technical side of such jobs become more demanding. The same is true of the marketing strategies now open to e-mail marketing prtofessionals.

Either Way – We Can Help

Intelligent People was at the spearhead of the e-commerce and digital marketing revolution and its recruiters have stayed one step ahead of all the emerging trends in the industry since the agency was founded in 2002. We appreciate that experience in email marketing may be just one of the skills that a client is seeking for in an all-round CRM or online marketing role.

Equally you may be looking for an employee who can specialize in this area within a broader digital marketing team.

Effectiveness and performance of an email marketing campaign can be easily monitored by measuring click, open, response and order rates, making return on investment transparent through statistical analysis. Eligible candidates will usually have a good knowledge of relevant data analysis tools and reporting and communicating the results.

Results Based

Through rules-based software, emails can be automatically sent in bulk to a huge database of prospective customers, customizing content to suit each individual based on their customer details. Experience of such logic-driven software packages is very useful in finding a job using these batch email applications.

Email marketing can also be combined with social media, as emails notify participants in your email list of an updated blog, post or comment on a favourite website. You can enable email subscribers to engage with your organization in several channels. Invite your email recipients to participate in and share content on your social network sites. All interactions can be traced, including number of shares and with whom, giving you key metrics and insight into who your biggest supporters are. Experience in these social media distribution channels allows the perfect candidate to communicate and interact with your organization’s potential market, expanding the scope of your messaging and raising awareness of your brand.

All or any of the skills could be required when a client is looking to fill such a vacancy.

A Versatile Tool

Email is also a versatile marketing tool for retargeting an existing or undecided customer, delivering updates on special offers aimed directly at past purchasing history or saved ‘wish-list’ items.

Email marketing can involve all these different areas, so a highly eligible candidate would possess strong online and web marketing skills as well as knowledge of e-commerce, data analysis and social media. If this sounds like you, Intelligent People can bring you your next career opportunity with a wide variety of email marketing jobs on offer.

If you are part of an organization looking to extend or complete the expertise of your online marketing team with the ever-popular and effective email marketing channel, we can find you the best people, and may already have him or her on our database ready to start work for you.

We also do Loyalty Marketing Recruitment.

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