There is no doubt that Digital Marketing today is very customer driven. Customer Insight Analyst jobs are part of the glue that holds the entire process together.

As a long-term recruiter in this market Intelligent People has a depth of experience at successfully filling a multitude of Customer Insight Analyst Vacancies over many years. We have a long track record of success in securing new jobs for both B2B and B2C Customer Insight professionals.

Being such a key role, Insight Analysts will find themselves with huge responsibility within the organisation often holding some sort of bottom line responsibility. Despite that, the role needs an analytical mind as large datasets are certainly the norm these days.

Increase In Demand For Customer Insight

As with most areas within the broader digital sphere we are seeing big increases in demand for such skills. The drive to better customer relationships and understanding retention is perceived (rightly so) as far easier than acquisition. That is one of the major driving forces behind the analytics side of most online business today.

We have seen many of our contacts grow into this market as we have managed careers and clients hiring needs over more than ten years.

Skills Required For The Job

So, what does the customer insight analyst need in his or her skills armoury in 2017?

Nowadays, most jobs require a degree education and ideally for there to have been some grounding in either statistics or numerical analysis. We’re not talking complex mathematics here, but a good numerical understanding. For more experienced roles you will almost certainly have used a statistical software package such as SAS or KXEN.

Having said that, clients generally tend to look for some creativity within their customer insight analysts. This is not a purely maths based role. You need to be good at picking out trends and the ability to apply analytical techniques to deeply understand customer behaviour and customer trends. And a key facet is the ability to pick the right technique to apply to any given problem.

Deep Customer Understanding

It is also a massive help if you can understand the customer journey, but also to try and get inside the customer’s motivations. The key aim is retention and maximisation of customer value here. Analysing how a customer behaves is key to maximising online revenues and your ability to “ask the right questions” is also key. Finding out and analysing why customers do what they do is also a key fuction of the Customer Insight Analyst job function.

You should thrive on using these key skills to solve tough analytical problems and be able to deliver startegic business advantage through the delivery of tactical solutions. The delivery of which should be best served in plain English that the business can easily understand and implement.

Salary And Package

Salaries in the £40-45k range are common today, and where business analysis is also coupled we have seen £60-65k in some instances. Again, we are noticing more contract vacancies as demand increases and needs become urgent in some cases.

What’s for sure is that by contacting Intelligent People, as a client, you will have access to the full gamut of skills in this vital market. Our extensive advertising spend and large, up-to-date candidate base ensure you achieve full coverage.

If you currently have a Customer Insight Analyst Job you need filled do get in touch. You can contact us  on 01727 736 690.

Intelligent People work with a broad range of Online and New Media Organisations (including Online Retail, Travel, Media, Business Services & NfP).

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