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Consumer Analytics has become one of the most important parts of overall online strategy. Intelligent People has been working with clients to fill their Analytics Executive Jobs for over ten years. As an advanced Recruitment Agency we have placed both B2B & B2C professionals in jobs throughout the UK.

We have recently seen a big increase in the number of Analytics jobs especially at senior level where Head of Analytics vacancies are seeing salaries of between £70-95k. We believe the reason for this is that clients are recognising how important it is to engage consumers effectively. Consequently deep analytics are needed to fully understand consumer behaviour in order to make the “journey” more effective in order to enhance the bottom line.

Pure Web Analytics roles are now attracting salaries of up to £60k with Executives in the £35-45k range depending on location and size of company.

Skills Shortage

We are also noticing a move to more contractor use as skills become short. This is as a result of the economy improving and also the factors mentioned above.

These pressures make it vital that, as someone looking to hire these skills, you have access to the full market of skills available. Due to our position as an early player in the wider Digital Recruitment market place, we have unique access to a large historical database of candidates. This, coupled with our extensive advertising budget and networking skills mean we offer unparalleled access to the wider job seeker market in this vital niche.

We also recruit for Research Analytics jobs.

If you would like us to fill an Analytics Executive Jobs vacancy for you, please contact us today on 01727 736 690.

Intelligent People work with a broad range of Online and New Media Organisations (including Online Retail, Travel, Media, Business Services & NfP).

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