Digital Marketing has exploded over the last 10 years meaning a commensurate increase in the number and nature of Online Marketing Job and Vacancies. Given this rapidly changing job market, it’s vital that you employ a recruitment agency that intimately understands all of the various niches and subsets that come together to make up Online Marketing and the vacancies you are likely to need filled.

The Rise In Online Shopping

With the rise in consumers shopping online it’s vital to the success of any online marketing venture to ensure a steady flow of traffic.  We talk about how analytics play a huge part in online marketing. we look at why growth marketing is key for start-ups. And, finally why customer relationship management (CRM) is more important for established businesses and how the growth in these sectors can impact the continuous search for talent.

This is turn has resulted in a deep segmentation of job roles and functions and lead to the huge variation we see today in digital marketing vacancies. Given this rapidly changing jobs market, it’s vital that your recruitment agency intimately understands all of the various niches and subsets, the supply and demand of skills and indeed all of the online marketing jobs, that come together to make up an efficient and effective Online Marketing Department.

Why Online Marketing Is So Important

Online marketing jobs are essential to the success of your business. In fact, if you offer products and services, your strategy (or lack thereof) will determine your fortune.

The use of the Internet has driven huge changes in shopping habits specifically, and lifestyle in general. It’s also driven massive change in the number and nature of digital marketing jobs and vacancies. And, recruiters are having to work differently in this new market which is now changed even further with the advent of the Covid pandemic.

Let’s look at four main reasons why you need a rock-solid recruitment strategy for your online marketing jobs and vacancies:

Social Media Jobs and Vacancies

You need social media to update and speak to your customers.

They will be keen to talk to you, and will expect you to have a presence. The nature and variation of social media jobs and vacancies that we see today is far wider than even five years ago.

As a recruitment agency it is our job to understand your job needs in the key area of social media.

And social media is now very much extending into paid ads. Facebook is now closing on Google ads as the paid advertising platform of choice. We are seeing a large growth in demand for social media jobs across all facets of this key area.

Our view is that this will only continue to move apace as social media becomes an entrenched part of the broader online marketing skillset.

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Online Marketing Recruitment Specialists

SEO, Content Marketing and CRM Jobs

A well-maintained online presence is your fast-track to establishing your credibility. Be it SEO jobs, Content Marketing or CRM vacancies, you need an agency that truly understands all of the Digital Marketing job functions.

Indeed SEO and Content Marketing have become inextricably linked over the last 2-3 years. As the Google algorithm develops and content becomes ever more important, the two areas have become intertwined and are a key facet in any online marketing job.

It is absolutely key that your SEO team are fully up to date with everything Google is up to, and ensuring they are should be a key part of your recruitment strategy.

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Online Marketing Recruitment

The internet is a huge place, so you need to mark out your territory and have a unique voice. Online marketing recruitment is a big market with unique challenges.

There are so many different job functions within the broader online marketing niche. And the process of demarcation continues apace. We have seen new job fucntions increase over the past 15 years.

When we first recruited in the digital space, most jobs were generalist. Now fucntions are split into more specialisms every day.

Talk to us about your vacancy needs. Our specialist consultans have all worked in Digital Marketing so they intimately understand the wider market place for skills and how those online marketing skills fit your job needs.

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Why CRM Recruitment Is Important

It’s how you do your keyword research and optimise your content; you need to drive that all-important traffic.

The ability to drive traffic is the life-blood of any online business. Without traffic you do not have an online business. It’s an area where the market for skills is ultra-competitive.

We are seeing large increases in the number of jobs in search engine optimisation, social media, CRM and content management and analytics. Check out our vacancies page for the latest jobs.

Facebook earned a staggering £18.3 billion in Q2 of 2020, with mobile advertising accounting for 87% of its total advertising revenue. LinkedIn earned £2,016 million in sponsored ad revenue during Q2 of 2020. Twitter is catching up fast as far as advertising revenue is concerned.

It’s well worth experimenting with digital adverts, and testing which social media platforms will perform the best for you.

As for content, video is likely to comprise 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.  You should look at expanding your marketing mix to include great on-brand videos that can be shared.

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Online Marketing Specialist Recruiters

In 2020, it’s more than likely users will be watching on a handheld device. Around 69% of digital media interaction is spent on mobile, with mobile traffic continuing to increase between now and 2021.

With Google now providing the “mobile first” index, it makes sense to increase spend on mobile advertising. If your online content isn’t responsive and designed mobile-first, then you’re missing out. It’s easy to see how the digital market place and the role of the job function has changed, and continues to change, so rapidly.

How do Analytics Jobs Help With This?

You’ll have to have data on your side. Used well, it drives good decision making and forms the backbone of your content. The aim is to get more quality traffic and convert users – that is, seal the deal.

Data is great because instead of outdated assumptions, you’re actually testing and adapting your strategy instead of reacting. You’ll be able to see where exactly where your visitors are leaving your website.

Is something wrong on the homepage? What is your checkout like, is it easy to use? How about your content? Is it failing to engage your customers resulting in a high bounce rate? This is one of the major “red flags” for the Google algorithm. Another major area of online job creation!

Finding the right people to fill your analytics vacancies can be a tough task. Your organisation will have your own unique “take” on how analytics should work for you.

It is our job to understand not only the vacancies, but how any job role fits into your analytics structure. We also strive to understand your business culture in order to ensure we find the right candidate for your analytics jobs.

Data puts you in control so you’re not just worrying about the competition, and best of all, it’s cost-effective. Here’s where you’ll be pulling it from:

  • Online classifieds and ad networks
  • Online classifieds and ad networks
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Ads and paid content on blogs and social media platforms
  • Emails, affiliates and banners
  • ‘Rich’ or interactive media
  • Online classified advertising
  • Advertising networks
online marketing careers

Diversity In Online Marketing Job Roles

As online marketing job roles have diversified and become more specialist the online marketing department has grown. It’s no longer sufficient to simply have a generalist marketer.

A fully staffed department will have a specialist role for an SEO Manager, Growth or Performance Marketing Manager, Content Manager, PPC Manager and / or Paid Social Manager and an SEM Manager. This in turn has a knock-on effect for recruitment. These jobs all require niche skills and a specialist online marketing recruitment agency to find the right candidates. This does of course offer some amazing career paths and opportunities

Acquisition by growth marketing:
How it’s key for startups and what you need to learn

This is the key factor in nurturing a startup business, and getting it off the ground fast. Marketing and development teams and strategies are valuable, but they can be developed as your company grows. For now, your digital marketing strategy falls on your shoulders.

A benefit of the growth hacking phase is that this where you can get your hands dirty. Growth hacker jobs are vital, particularly in start ups. Experiment fast, fail faster and often, optimise every step of your user’s journey (and love every exciting minute). This is a key area and it is crucial to your organisation’s success that you recruit the right people for your growth jobs.

Here are the main skills and software you’ll need to see in your vacancies:

Analytics Jobs

Data helps you identify what customers like about your website, how they navigate it, and how effective your marketing campaigns are.

Making evidence-based decisions is essential for your company’s growth. For a quick and visual insight, use CrazyEgg to see how visitors are navigating your website, and KISSmetrics to really understand customer behaviour.

Understanding customer behaviour and the customer journey are now where eCommerce companies gain their competitive edge. The ability to extract the maxiumum spend is crcuial to online success. And now is even more crucial as the move to online sales has moved on apace as Covid lockdowns close the High Street.

Again, our consultants understand this key concept and can ensure the right candidates are there ready to fill your analytics jobs and vacancies.

Call us today to see how we can help with your Analytics Recruitment.

content marketing jobs

Content Marketing Vacancies

This key area has now become closely aligned with SEO as the most important marketing tool on the web.

We are certainly seeing a big increase in the number of content marketing jobs. It spans ebooks, white papers, blog posts, infographics, video… anything that can be read or viewed.

Google loves rich content and your website should provide a rich user experience.

Dive in with tools like BuzzSumo to find the most popular content related to your topic. Use Feedly to compile news feeds, which helps with researching and developing content. HubSpot will help you leverage your content to generate leads and convert customers.

As content marketing job descriptions change, it is key you recruit the right people to fit your strategy. Content marketing is one of the main areas where we are seeing huge growth in vacancy numbers. With the job market out of balance employing the right recruitment agency to fill your vacancies is a key element of success.

social media vacancies

Social Media Jobs

At least one third of the global population is on it these days. So it’s crucial to understand how popular platforms work.

You’ll need Facebook’s Ad Platform, which can reach 2 billion users. Use demographics to help identify types of customers, and Hootsuite to monitor, schedule and organise those social media posts.

Check out our current social media jobs.

Alternatively discuss your social media recruitment strategy with our experienced consultans who can help ensure you hire the right social media talent for your business and team.

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SEO Vacancies

No matter how many algorithms changes the mighty Google releases,  users are still searching online for your business and brand. Search Engine Optimisation is what your content needs to survive and be seen.

If you don’t know what each of these are already, you’ll become familiar with technical SEO, social media marketing, link building, user experience, and content marketing. First things first, get onto Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. You’ll be able to see how organic search brings revenue to your business.

You’ll also be able to see how people are finding your website. What search terms they use and what websites refer them.

Email Marketing Jobs

It’s not all about social media. Email marketing yields the highest return on investment in terms of conversion and retention.

For list building, writing engaging email copy, automating emails, integrating social media, and using analytics, tools like MailChimp.

They offer a way to manage subscribers, send emails and measure results. You could also get great results with ActiveCampaign, since it’s ideal for small to medium-sized companies. Again Intelligent People are seeing increased usage and a comensurate increase in job vacancy numbers in this field.

We are also now seeing the rise of Chat Bots as a means of marketing. Open rates for Messenger marketing far exceeds that of email at the moment (early 2020). Be an early adopter and add Chat Bot marketing to your portfolio.

AB Testing Jobs

Testing two versions of something highlights what’s working and what’s not.

This insight is invaluable. Use Optimizely to conduct A/B split tests and optimise your websites on desktop and mobile.

Use Unbounce to see whether your web pages connect with users, and the popular KISSmetrics to test data connected to real people.


This is central to user experience. You’ll need to grasp the fundamentals of visual language to develop a website, and an understanding of how users will navigate it. Yet another area pof specialism in the wider gamut of online marketing vacancies.

Software like Adobe Photoshop is top of the list for digital image editing. It is the widely used industry standard for design, photography and video editing.

Vector design tool Sketch has a simple focus on creating user interface designs. The powerful Unbounce helps you build, publish and test landing pages without IT and software.

Growth Hacking and Acquisition Marketing Jobs

Acquisition Marketing Manager jobs and Growth Hacker vacancies currently outnumber candidates. When a market is out of balance like this there are two effects.

  • Firstly salaries become inflated.
  • Secondly, multiple Clients are often competing for the same candidate.

Working with a specialist Growth Hacker recruitment agency, who understands the landscape for candidates with Acquisition Marketing skills, increases the chances of hiring the chosen candidate exponentially.

Not only should the recruiter have a good network of Growth Hackers and Acquisition Marketing Managers, they should have a good understanding of the candidates needs and be able to help influence them on your behalf.

How do you know if your online marketing recruitment agency is a specialist?

They should have a good range of Growth Hacker opportunities and Acquisition Marketing Manager vacancies on their website at any given moment in time. If you’re looking to place a Growth Hacker or looking for a Growth Hacker vacancy please get in touch with us.

Why Is CRM More Important For Established Players?

Capturing new customers is just as important as retention. It’s essential to hit your revenue goals in the short term, but to also earn the long term loyalty of your customers. It is also a vital ingredianet in how fast you can grow.

How you balance acquisition and retention is down to where your business is at, and you’ll need to know what your ‘customer lifetime value’ is.

Looking closely at retention tells you how well you’re performing. The data can support what you need to do to evolve and scale your business in the longer term. Every shiny new startup can grow stagnant and get left behind. Particularly if it doesn’t plan ahead and make itself indispensable to its customers.

Hiring the right CRM taket for your CRM jobs and vacancies is key to your growth and indeed, recruitment stratgey.

In this next stage, it becomes apparent that you need to know what your vision is. You need the hard numbers, and the conversations you’ve had with the customers you’ve worked so hard to acquire. You now need to know how to maintain and satisfy them. This makes it easier to plan your budgets.

Marketing blog Invesp gathered some pretty strong numbers to make the case for retention

5x – Acquisition is five times as expensive as retention

89% of businesses say it’s important to put customer experience at the heart of their retention strategy

70% – You’re more likely (at a rate up to 70%) to sell to a customer you already have, versus a new prospect (up to 20% if you’re lucky)

25%- Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25-95%

It’s wise to make CRM a cornerstone of your strategy as you’re in your growth phase, because in the long term you can do these three essential things:

1. Learn about your business

Is your business set up for a streamlined end-to-end process, or are you lumbering along? See which parts of your business can be made more efficient, and how best to make them that way.

It isn’t just startups that need to remain lean. And this frees you up to develop and innovate, rather than wading through sludge to respond every time your competitors take a leap forward. Making sure you find the right people to fill the right online marketing jobs in your organisation is a major first step to achieving this.

2. Learn about your customers

Who are they, and why do they use your products and/or services? What are they responding to out there in the wider world? Analysing customer data lets you know whether or not you’re meeting their needs.

Are you giving them a great user experience. Are you targeting alternative products, aftercare and social listening accordingly. You’ll also learn about the wider context of the market’s wants and needs. These are essential factors for shaping and optimising your strategic response.

3. Learn which businesses you can work with

In a world where innovation is expected, you’ll have to unclench your fist and share your data with companies whose backs also need a good scratch. This can be a reciprocal arrangement. Collaboration is key to long-term growth, and CRM will help you determine the best way to do this, and with whom.

Intelligent People are a specialist Online Marketing recruitment agency and have been helping the digital and tech community attract talent for nearly 20 years.

We specialise in, for example, SEO manager vacancies, online marketing and performance marketing manager roles, growth hacker jobs and specialist content manager vacancies. We’ve been doing this since 2002.

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