For a large portion of businesses today, planning and implementing a multichannel digital strategy is as essential as defining their brand and product offerings. Effective multichannel development can bring many benefits, such as increased customer engagement and interaction, encouraging customer feedback and strengthening customer loyalty. And again, as the digital market place grows so we are seeing a comensurate increase in the number of multichannel strategty jobs and vacancies.

Effective Channel Marketing

The more channels that your company can effectively use to market and sell, the larger market audience your brand reaches, broadening the reach of your retail activities and potentially resulting in more sales.

But it’s important that if your organisation uses multiple digital channels such as texts, emails, mobile device apps and an eCommerce site, the marketing communication across all of them is performed correctly, which is where a multichannel strategy is invaluable.

Specialist Multichannel Recruitment

The clients for whom specialist recruitment agency Intelligent People finds talented new employees, realise that a good corporate multichannel strategy is as powerful as a good marketing plan. With many large online retail giants among their client list, as well as small to medium-sized companies and high-tech startups, the consultants at Intelligent People have an innate knowledge about the sort of skills that a manager of multichannel strategy would need.

The ability to replicate a campaign across multiple channels while still ensuring a consistent customer experience is an important part of a digital marketing strategy, reinforcing your brand and its product range in the minds of consumers. Experience in marketing with a coherent message on as many multiple channels as possible is a very important asset when applying for a job vacancy in multichannel strategy.

Competitve Edge

The recruitment consultants at Intelligent People know that this alone can be a very competitive edge for a company who sells across many digital channels. Familiarity with market research techniques and analytics tools is also crucial, so that a business can identify different demographic markets who prefer one channel as opposed to another, and this helps to identify a subsection of customers and their buying preferences. When a marketer uses tracking tools to discover every single click, download and previous purchase that a customer or potential customer has done, in-depth analysis of the results can reveal extremely useful data.

Multichannel Marketing Jobs

Armed with this information, marketers can strategize to predict what offerings will appeal to this target market in the future, and which special offers or product suggestions may interest them. Return on investment (ROI) from each individual channel can be measured by monitoring how customers respond and the channel marketing activities that result in a sale.

If you’re in an organisation planning to boost your digital and non-digital marketing efforts by employing more multichannel strategy experts, Intelligent People can find the smartest, most savvy candidates for your job vacancies working in this vital marketing role. Contact them today to find your next exceptional new employees.

If you’re looking for a new job challenge and have the experience and know-how outlined above, it sounds like you’re a strong candidate. Get in touch with Intelligent People to discover the job vacancies and career opportunities they may have for you.

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