Location marketing is a rapidly evolving area of mobile marketing recruitment that allows marketers to deliver geo-targeted messages and advertising to mobile device users based on their current location and previous shopping behaviour.
Location-based data provides marketers with a prime opportunity to learn more about their customers and give them personalised offers, discounts and time-limited bargains, while they are in the right place at the right time.

Intelligent People Understand Location Marketing

Intelligent People understands the complexity of the different ways in which location marketing can be applied and its versatile uses. Many of the applications of location marketing are now accepted as vital by mobile device users, such as road and street map navigation, traffic alerts, parcel delivery tracking and location of the nearest service such as a store, tourist attraction or bank machine.

With many marketers still unaware of the huge potential of using location-targeted data in their mobile marketing, this is a relatively under-exploited area using technologies that are continually emerging. Brands that do realise the power of location marketing are avidly searching for candidates with initiative and a thirst for knowledge in this fast changing and ever growing environment. Expect an increasing number of location marketing jobs and vacancies in the future!

Desirable Skills

Desirable skills include experience in engaging and monitoring traffic across all channels, analysing metrics to drive optimisation and ROI, and planning mobile and location marketing strategy and execution. These are now key facets of an overall online marketing strategy.

Intelligent People is a forward-thinking recruitment agent that understands the tremendous power of location marketing to target willing and loyal customers and drive spontaneous and opportunistic sales. Our consultants have the insight to appreciate the edge that location marketing has over other non-digital and digital channels, because the timing is right and the market audience is receptive.

From tracking each potential customer with a mobile phone in a shopping mall or street to see which shops they prefer, to monitoring online shopping purchases and history, location marketing gives valuable insight into customer behaviour, preferences and tastes. Using this information, a savvy marketer can improve customer engagement by predicting the future offers and bargains that a consumer would respond to, so driving sales further.

The Right Information At The Right Time

Giving customers relevant appropriate information rather than spam raises their opinion of a brand and encourages brand loyalty. Your target audience will welcome skilled and contextually aware marketing messages used in context to deliver personal and relevant benefits.

The use of an opt-in system, downloadable store app or online local retailers’ directory can give customers control over what, when, where and how they receive geo-targeted advertising such as special gifts, alerts to flash sales and early access to bargains.

Methods Of Delivery

From in-store beacons in bricks-and-mortar shops that send time-sensitive discount coupons to nearby shoppers who have downloaded the store’s mobile app, to related offers sent automatically to someone in the store who has just purchased one in a series of products, such as a book in a set, consumers appreciate intelligent location targeting. For example, an online weather forecast for a region on a hot day could display discounts for an air conditioning unit or an ice cream store, or umbrellas or raincoats from a local department store on a rainy day.

Targeted messages such as these will encourage more responses and reap more sales than standard advertising.
If you’re a client who wants to exploit the immense power of location marketing, and you’re seeking an innovative recruiter to guide your organisation into an exciting and dynamic future, contact our expert specialised team of recruitment consultants.

We also recruit Affiliate and Partnership marketing roles.

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