Head of Product

If you’re looking for a Head of Product job role, and want to browse the available vacancies, or simply learn more about the role including typical salary levels, what it takes to be a successful Head of Product, and more, you will find your complete guide below.

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While the majority of jobs we offer at this level are at London based companies, with the rise of flexible working, we can work with candidates across the UK, Europe and North America.


In today’s market, a salary of £95,000 to £110,000 would be expected at Head of Product or Product Lead level. Traditionally, those Head of Product candidates working within London could expect a salary at the higher end of this scale, but with the rise in demand from candidates for flexible working, employers are tending to level out this playing field.

Employers will also be willing to pay a higher salary for a Product Lead who has the specific and niche domain experience that they require within their industry and product roadmap.

Other factors that could affect the salary of a Head of Product role are:

  • The size of the employer
  • The growth objectives of the employer
  • The overall benefits package. Employers can enhance the salary through equity, pensions, and other benefits

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Example Job Description

A typical Chief Commercial Officer job description will read something like the below:

The Head of Product will join the founding team as the first product hire to define the product strategy and roadmap, build a team, implement feature delivery, and drive a product first environment. 

The Head of Product will be responsible for:

  • Driving product development and the product roadmap
  • Developing a mass market customer proposition
  • Develop a deep understanding of the needs of the audience
  • Align stakeholders, direct the product roadmap, prioritise features, build consensus, and coordinate product schedules with wider business
  • Defining, hiring, coaching and mentoring a full team of product managers
  • Foster a culture of testing, data-driven decision making, and accountability for metrics and results
  • Staying hands on – the role will come with line management of product managers but in the early days it’ll just be you

The Head of Product will have:

  • Have a strong background consumer mobile app and/or fintech product management experience
  • Product team leadership experience
  • Achieved success delivering consumer facing products that drive real user value and business financial goals
  • Leveraged both user experience and AB testing to find product/market fit
  • You create structure out of ambiguity and have a pragmatic “can do” and “make it happen” attitude in a collaborative way

What are employers looking for?

The Head of Product is responsible for managing their team and resources in the most efficient way. Aligning your team to the highest priority jobs, analysing time spent against output, and removing any potential roadblocks ahead of time, are all factors that improve a Product teams’ output and limit any potential overspend for the business.

The Head of Product needs to have a finger on the pulse, understanding the current market requirements and working with Product Leaders, such as Product Director and Chief Product Officer, to foresee new trends. This continuous market analysis means that the business should never be pursuing an outdated strategy for too long, able to be nimble to react to market needs. Take Blockbuster as a brand for example – a business who reacted far too late to a change in the market, now forced out of business by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.


What does a head of product do?
A Head of Product is responsible for designing and executing the overall product strategy, including insights from customer and competitor analysis. By understanding any gaps in the market, the Head of Product can lead their team, within budget, to design and deliver the product roadmap against the business vision. The Head of Product will need to possess good leadership skills to ensure their team is working efficiently and effectively to deliver results for the business.
What is the salary for a head of product management?
A Head of Product Management vacancy in today's market will be advertised within the region of £95,000 and £130,000. Often this salary will be enhanced through a benefits package to include pension contributions, healthcare insurances, and performance bonuses.
How do you become a Head of Product?
A Head of Product is often promoted from a Senior Product Manager position. This often requires a transition from owning one product or set of products, to owning the whole product portfolio of the business.
What makes a good Head of Product?
A good Head of Product is responsible for ensuring the customer is considered at each stage of the development process and oversee the product experience from start to finish. This process will require excellent cross functional communication, collaboration, and leadership skills.
3) How much are Head of Product / Product Leads paid in the UK?
A Head of Product could expect to be paid £95,000 to £130,000 in the UK. This would be dependent on many factors including the business and its growth ambition and financing status.