In today’s digital world, creating and maintaining a digital presence is now mandatory for some types of business, with the majority of organisations needing some kind of digital profile to survive.
For companies that haven’t yet ventured into the online marketing arena, and for those that have and want to manage all their digital activities in the most effective and consistent way, a Head of Digital or Digital Director is an essential role to spearhead the business successfully into the future.

Specialists For Digital Recruitment

Intelligent People is a specialist Head of Digital recruitment agency that has been hiring for digital marketing and strategy jobs since some of the first eCommerce companies established their businesses online. The consultants at Intelligent People understand digital strategy and digital director recruitment inside out, having watched the marketing industry adopt online multichannel activities from inception.

The experts at Intelligent People are highly qualified to recognise the qualities that a head of digital/digital director job vacancy demands, such as experience of marketing on several digital channels, leadership skills and an in-depth knowledge of tracking, monitoring and analysing digital channel projects. But in addition the right candidate needs imagination, an ability to innovate and a risk-taking streak to succeed in a head of digital/digital director role.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive knowledge and experience of multichannel marketing is vital to define and plan a digital marketing strategy, and then implement it across all online marketing channels, which can include web, email, online advertising, paid-for and organic search engine optimisation, mobile, apps and social channels.

A creative and imaginative head of digital can more easily visualise and forecast the effectiveness of potential growth channels for future multi-channel investments, and should be equally capable of detailed online tracking and metrics analysis to assess the performance of existing and previous digital channel projects.

Leadership and management skills are vital to the role of head of digital, and the ability to execute and manage a definitive multichannel strategy across an organisation will be second nature to the successful head of digital job candidate. Your strategy must enable your organisation to deliver a consistent marketing message of brand reputation and quality across all digital marketing channels and capabilities.

Trying Different Channels

A must-have is a driving curiosity to experiment and test different digital channels from the established ones already used by your organisation, and a compelling motivation to explore new digital channels as technology evolves to offer cutting-edge strategies. One example of digital marketing channel experimentation could involve the recently emerging geo-targeting location marketing, where a retailer could target potential customers with time-limited offers via a mobile device app when the customer enters a location near to the brand’s bricks-and-mortar store.

When recruiting for a digital director, Intelligent People’s recruitment experts look for exceptional qualities and talents in a candidate. Applicants for this role must be able to ensure the effective planning and optimal execution of a digital vision, and develop, manage and grow a company’s multichannel capabilities while also enhancing the customer experience across channels.

Digital Trends v Fads

We’re searching for individuals who can see the difference between valuable online marketing trends, rather than just popular digital fads, and are always seeking to strengthen market position using digital techniques. Our clients want candidates who can improve customer engagement, ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately, increase value for all customers while delivering excellent return on investment (ROI) in all aspects of digital marketing.

If you have digital marketing experience, a strong interest in innovative digital marketing techniques and are really keen on the idea of planning, implementing and optimising a profitable and customer-focused digital channel strategy, get in touch with Intelligent People to explore the possibilities of this dynamic role of digital director.

If you’re in a company looking to recruit a strong, motivated and determined head of digital, contact us now to locate the most talented creative, analytical and inspirational potential new employees.

We also recruit for Chief Marketing Officers

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