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Everyone wants to make their customer’s interactions with their product the best they can be.  To give the best user experience you need a great design and UX team.

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UX Design Contract Specialist Recruiters

User Experience is critical to conversions, SEO, brand loyalty, word of mouth referrals, cost reduction, customer lifetime value, NPS, abandonment reduction and more.  It’s critical that the user’s emotions and attitudes about your product, system or service are positive.

Intelligent People can help you find this critical Contract UX and Design talent.

Good user experience people can be hard to find, or can they?

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Often, UX and design work is project driven.

Consequently, many companies choose to use contractors or interims to ‘staff up’ for the project duration or bring in highly skilled UX experts at key points in the project lifecycle.

It can be challenging to find strong permanent UX expertise, particularly at a senior level.

So, many of our customers choose to engage interim experts with depth of experience (and strong portfolios) to make sure their customer interactions are as simple, intuitive and rewarding as possible.

In addition, sometimes fresh ideas and a new perspective is needed to compliment an existing internal team, which can take customer interactions in a new direction whilst inspiring and upskilling an existing team.

Why is a UX or Design contractor the solution?

Change is accelerating.

The pace of change in UX and Design is accelerating. 

Complex animation will become commonplace, enabled by super-fast 5G, and designing for speed will becoming more of a factor as network speeds accelerate. 

The part that UX and design plays in the product development lifecycle is changing as structured, but rapid, product management becomes more commonplace. 

There will be product owners everywhere.  Sometimes the best way to ‘modernise’ or galvanise a team is to bring in an expert from the outside, who can inspire and challenge.  UX & design contractors are a cost-effective way of doing this.

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Solve a problem, quickly

When you have a bulge in project work, combined with a couple of key resignations, you need a safe pair of hands to ensure deliverables are met. 

Our UX contractors adapt quickly to new environments, hitting the ground running and adding value.


Change is constant, and if there’s uncertainty a product design interim can enable you to meet deliverables without the commitment of hiring someone permanently.  If you’re testing a new product and are unsure whether it will go beyond an MVP, you need to be able to scale down quickly.  UX and design contractors enable you to do this.

How can Intelligent People help?

Intelligent People have expertise throughout the entire customer journey, from the moment of discovery to acquisition and in-life.

We supply specialist UX and design interims across:

  • Analysis & user research
  • User requirement definition
  • Experience and user interface design (UI)
  • UX validation & testing
  • UX reporting & analytics
  • Product design

This includes all of the User Experience and Design disciplines, such as User Research, Storyboards, Wireframes, User Journey Mapping, User Flows, Ideation, Brainstorming, UI Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Usability Reporting and Analytics.

How do Intelligent People solve UX and Design hiring problems?

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Market advice

We start by advising our customers with a complimentary phone consultation on how to engage the talent they need, how long it will take, what’s realistic and what it will cost. 

We’ll also discuss and, if needed, hand hold you through any legal or contractual areas, such as IR35 and the Agency Worker Regulations, to ensure that you’re protected and make everything compliant.

It’s crucial all the legalities are correct for peace of mind all round.

Hiring Strategy

We’ll discuss your approach to candidate selection, giving advice where needed to help you balance making the best hiring decision while keeping pace with the market. 

We’ll then agree a process that fits your timescales and the availability of those involved.

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This is where we deploy our resources, network and expertise to find the UX and Design interims that you need.

This is usually within hours of the initial briefing as there will likely be people that we already know.


We’ll work closely with you to help you assess and select the right people, while understanding, communicating and managing any risks from other opportunities candidates have, to get the best outcome.

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Support and Customer Service

We use electronic timesheets, making it easy for you to approve time worked from anywhere, with one click in an email.

Things change, we understand this.  You have more flexibility with interim staff, so if things change with your project, you can terminate a contractor supply by giving notice at any time.

Can we Help you hire UX and Design Interims?

We work with customers across consumer and B2B technology markets, including B2B2C. 

So whether you’re a retailer designing interactions that helps consumers to find and buy the products they want on a mobile device, a utility company designing a self-service portal to help customers manage their account or a software vendor that provide tech to businesses, we can help you. 

We have experience working across all sectors, including retail, travel, hotels, airlines, hospitality, media, finance/fintech, payments, gaming, social gaming, insurance/insuretech, education, utilities, agritech, subscriptions, marketplaces, classified, IPTV & VOD, logistics & delivery, SAAS and technology.

About Intelligent People Contract UX and Design Recruitment

Our Team
  • 15 years’ experience of design, UX & product design
  • Very Strong network
  • Peace of Mind
  • Intelligent People is a full Recruitment and Employment Confederation member, audited annually for best practice and legal compliance. 
  • We use Lawspeed contract agreements which are regularly updated to ensure that all parties are compliant and protected.
  • Consultative and Responsive.
  • We’ll offer advice and help structure a process that will get you the best outcome

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UX Design Contract Specialist Recruiters


How much does an Interim UX or Design Consultant cost?
There are two ways of approaching this. 1 - We’d quote you a rate based on the skills and experience you need the contractor to have. 2 – We can work to your budget and show you contractors at your price point. If your budget is below the market for the skills and experience you need, you might not get someone who ticks every box, but it would show you what’s available at that price. If this happens, we can also show you profiles above your price point who tick every box, to give you a full view of the market.
How long does it take to hire a UX or Design contractors?
We can usually show you profiles within hours of a briefing call, and candidates are usually available immediately. The key to hiring quickly is having a thorough but rapid method of assessing and selecting the right person, that fits around the availability of anyone involved. Intelligent People will advise you and agree a process that fits your timescales and availability.
How do I find the best UX contractor for my job?
It’s important that you understand what you need delivered and the skills and experience that’s required to do this, to create a list of competencies you can assess against. We’ll scour the whole market to show you the best people available, you can then assess them against your competencies to see how they measure up. Asking the right questions in the right way is important, we can help with this if needed.
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