Listen to our Roundtable discussion ‘Product Leaders: How to influence the CEO / Board’. To understand this topic, we invited a CEO to discuss her perspective, followed by two Chief Product Officers to discuss how they’ve influenced CEO’s / Boards in their career to-date.

Section 1: Understanding CEO / Board dynamics.

Understand the overarching priorities of CEO / Boards, the different dynamics that commonly present themselves and how decisions are made. Understand how a product leader should change their approach to different types of CEO’s, including those with product experience and those without.

Section 2: From a product leader perspective: How to ensure strategic alignment between product, CEO and Board.

Discover how to define your vision, strategy and roadmap against the business objectives. Learn techniques to secure alignment with the Board, and how to ensure collaboration and transparency without handing over the product decision making. Learn about the risks of strategy misalignment across the business.

Section 3: Effective communication and influencing techniques.

Discover communication techniques to gain traction and buy-in, including how to tailor messages to individual stakeholders and structure presentations to drive action from the Board. Understand what types of information and metrics are important to present, and what other insights are helpful to influence the CEO / Board. Learn how to overcome resistance and common problems experienced by product leaders.

Our speakers

Lucy Stonehill. Lucy is the Executive Chair at BridgeU.

BridgeU was founded to help young people around the world realise their potential, through empowering schools to provide smart, modern university and careers guidance. Lucy was selected to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2016, celebrating innovators operating within the technology sector.

Ankur Sharma. Ankur is Chief Product & Technology Officer at Perkbox.

Ankur is a seasoned leader with 20 years of global experience in product, design, partnerships, and technology. He has led teams through multiple stages including start-up, scale-up and publicly listed enterprises. He is proficient in assembling and fostering high-performing teams aligned with the product vision and customer needs. He is also an advisor and mentor to senior product and technology leaders and entrepreneurs, sharing his expertise and insights on SaaS, e-commerce, online marketplaces, and direct-to-consumer platforms.

Kevin Lindemann. Kevin is the Director, Product – AI, Commercial and Consumer Growth at Klarna, previously VP Product at Ometria and Rota.

He is a high-growth startup product leader with 20 years’ experience, delivering high impact, market-leading solutions in FinTech, RetailTech, HealthTech and HRTech.

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