Roundtable with product leaders

Listen to our Roundtable discussion titled ‘How to become a product-led company’, where 3 product management industry experts will share valuable insights, strategies, and best practices.

Our speakers include:

  • Amitabh Ghatak. Amitabh is the Chief Product Officer at fintech business Dojo, one of the largest payment processors in the world. He is a digital expert with experience in strategy, product and technology management across Europe, US, and Asia. He has extensive experience in creating exciting and robust digital products.
  • Ana Jakimovska. Ana is the Chief Executive Officer of Culture Trip with previous product management experience across Guardian News & Media, Sky, BBC Store and Channel 4. She is experienced in creating digital and editorial strategies for platforms and management of successful digital product development.
  • Moisés García. Moisés is currently the Chief Product Officer at carwow. He is an impact-driven tech executive with 15+ years of experience in product management, strategy, and M&A advisory. Moisés is also a product mentor on Intelligent People’s Partner Up mentoring programme.

The 3 sections to be discussed include:

Section 1: Understanding the product-led approach.

Understand what it means to be a product-led company and why it is essential in today’s landscape. Understand the key principles of product-led approaches and the impact this can have on the business, including revenue growth and market expansion.

Section 2: How to build and implement a product-led culture.

Discover how to build a product-led culture, including defining the business vision and strategy. Learn how to gain leadership buy-in to implement the new culture. Discover practical elements of implementing a this culture including onboarding, education, ownership and decision making.

Section 3: Challenges and strategies in the product-led approach.

Understand the various challenges involved in the transition to a product-led approach including misalignment of processes and structures, lack of customer understanding and resistance to change. Learn common strategies used to overcome these challenges including investing in customer research and developing a clear product roadmap.

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