Watch our engaging Roundtable event titled ‘How to Build a High Performing Product Team’, where 4 product management industry experts will share valuable insights, strategies, and best practices on creating and leading successful product teams.

This event took place live on LinkedIn and YouTube on 11th July 2023. Watch the full Roundtable below.

How to build a high-performance product team: discussion

Section 1: What does a high-performance team look like?

Discover the key characteristics and dynamics of high-performance product teams, and the differences between product teams in Europe and the USA. Explore the essential elements that contribute to their success, such as agile thinking, resilience, shared goals, diverse skill sets, and a culture of continuous improvement. Gain a deep understanding of what distinguishes high-performance teams from the rest.

Section 2: Common challenges in building a high-performance team.

Building a high-performance team is not without its hurdles. Delve into the common challenges faced by organisations when building and developing product teams. Learn how to identify and overcome obstacles related to team dynamics, skill gaps, conflicting priorities, work-life balance, mindset, communication, and stakeholder management.

Section 3: Steps to building a product team.

Building a product team requires careful planning and execution. Explore the step-by-step process of developing a cohesive and effective team. Learn how to structure teams, balance skill sets, recruit and onboard the right talent and create a culture of psychological safety. Gain practical insight into building a solid foundation for your product team’s success.

Section 4: Best practices for leading a product team.

Leading a product team can be complex, requiring a unique set of skills and strategies. Discover best practices and proven approaches to effectively lead and manage product teams. Explore topics such as mentorship and coaching, how to inspire and motivate team members, provide constructive feedback, facilitate decision-making, empower autonomy, foster innovation, and cultivate a culture of learning and growth.

Our Roundtable guests

Our speakers include:

• James Routledge. James has a wealth of experience within C level product, previously Chief Product Officer at Harper, and currently VP Product at Converge, a data platform to digitise construction. As well as being a VC investor / advisor, James leads a community of visionary entrepreneurs driving product innovation and strategy called ‘Product Land’.

• Arthur Leung. Arthur is a leader in design, digital and customer experience innovation, with the ability to bring vision and ideas together with focus and execution. Arthur is currently Chief Product Officer at Shawbrook Bank as well as a product mentor within Intelligent People’s Partner Up Product Management mentorship scheme.

• Becky Yelland. Becky is a product coach, mentor and advocate of mental health and wellbeing for product professionals with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Becky is Product Director at Arenko Group and in her spare time she gives back to the product community through numerous schemes: mentoring through Intelligent People’s Partner Up scheme, founding the Product Mind Community and founding of The Female Product Lead.

• Namrata Sarmah. Namrata is a Founding Member of Chief in the UK and Women in Product UK. Chief is a private network built to drive more women into positions of power and keep them there, whilst Women in Product is a networking group for people to openly discuss all topics related to Product Management, Product Design and Product Development. Namrata is also the Chief Product Officer at INTO University Partnerships, and Non-Executive Director & Board member at The Open University Business School.

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