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As recruitment specialists, we are able to guide employers in all things talent management. If you need help with forming a talent acquisition strategy, including talent planning, a diversity strategy and performing talent audits. we are here to help.

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Talent Acquistion

It’s now more important than ever to think about strategic recruiting and your talent management strategy. There are countless benefits in taking a more strategic approach to talent management. A personalised and company-wide talent management strategy provides a great focus for:

  1. Investing in your people
  2. Contributing to building a high-performance culture
  3. Encouraging continuous learning and development
  4. Increasing productivity
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Talent strategy

Taking a strategic approach to your talent management strategy will closely align the talent management strategy with business goals and objectives. 

A clear talent strategy will analyse workforce supply and demand, current workplace trends and labour market demographics, and any predictions for future supply or skills shortages or surplus. The CIPD’s Resourcing and Talent Planning Report 2022 recommends 

  1. Focusing on upskilling current employees
  2. Offering greater work flexibility and hybrid work opportunities
  3. Looking into offering better pay and/or benefits
  4. Looking at the use of technology in recruitment
  5. Looking at efforts to increase diversity

The most important thing when it comes to talent planning is to diversify your methods and tools for talent acquisition, including the use of a talent audit, market mapping, and a clear diversity strategy.

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What is a talent audit?

A talent audit can be used to examine your talent function and identify what is working well and what areas could be improved, to aid you in your hiring ability and success. It involves analysing the organisation’s skillset and abilities across its employees, clearly mapping out and recording specifics of each employee to build a database that can be used as a basis for future talent planning.

A talent audit is a great tool at times of company growth and scale-up and should be the first step in determining a talent management strategy. A clear and data-driven talent acquisition plan that factors in and plans for future market changes and is able to outline an internal progression pathway for employees, is a key benefit of performing a talent audit, which in turn leads to better retention, better hiring, and a smoother recruitment process from start to finish.

What is market mapping?

Market mapping is the secret weapon that can help reduce your time-to-hire and cost-per-hire whilst also improving quality of hires. Market mapping, or talent mapping, involves using competitor insights and intelligence to understand the status of the candidate pool – from number of candidates in the market, average salaries, the job-to-candidate ratio, to who the biggest employers are. 

As experts within the product management and marketing industries, we are able to advise you on all of the latest market trends.

By outlining the employment setup of your top competitors, you can get a better understanding and vision for your own company’s future. How much does your number one competitor pay their Product Managers? How many are in their marketing team? Using market mapping you can attract high quality candidates assured that your role will be competitive in terms of salary and current market expectations.

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Diversity recruitment

Having a clear diversity strategy is high on the agenda for many organisations. By centring diversity and inclusion into your core talent management strategy, you’ll be attracting and nurturing a wide range of the best talent, increasing employee engagement, and even increasing company profit. Ensuring that company leaders position themselves as diversity champions will lead to a top-down culture of promoting diversity in the workplace, and will lead to better diversity recruitment.

However, many traditional recruitment methods unintentionally hinder diverse recruitment; for example, limiting your search to a particular location, only hiring from a narrow range of previous employers or universities, relying on selection criteria that don’t relate to performance, and placing too much reliance on employee referrals. 

With over 20 years of recruitment experience, we are able to run recruitment processes with diversity and inclusion at the forefront of what we do. 

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Rapid recruitment

Recruitment can too-often be a slow and arduous process, which can often lead to the top candidates dropping off along the way as they get picked up by competitors operating on a model of rapid recruitment. Often the biggest bottleneck for hiring teams is sourcing passive candidates and headhunting the best talent out there. We can do this for you, helping to speed up your hiring process.

We offer both contingent recruitment and retained recruitment for executive searches, meaning you have various options for your talent acquisition needs.

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