Online retailers need to define a customised eCommerce strategy before they can expect an online store to perform well and compete favourably with competitors. Your company’s strategy should be based on an understanding of the target audience and the unique qualities that make your eCommerce site stand out from the crowd. A solid grasp on market and competition research and analysis techniques can reveal vital business metrics for your niche, and act as the foundation for your eCommerce strategy.


Talent Pool

Intelligent People is a specialised eCommerce and Online Strategy recruitment agency, having successfully placed talented candidates in jobs in online retail since the market’s infancy over a decade ago. Intelligent People’s expert recruiters appreciate that strong statistical and analytical skills are crucial in processing, understanding and making sense of the complex data generated by market research and web analytics.

In addition to metrics analysis, experience in designing user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-navigate online stores across all digital channels can also help to implement an effective eCommerce strategy. A consistent branding and similar product line across all your online retail channels is a necessity to familiarize your customers with your eCommerce identity and make the buying process simpler due to a common usability and seamless shopping experience, no matter which device is used.And as eCommerce and Online Strategy jobs become more complex, it is critical that you employ the right recruitment agency to fill your urgent vacancies.

We Understand Your Situation

The recruiting consultants at Intelligent People recognise that you need an appreciation of all these areas to develop and implement a coherent eCommerce strategy for your organisation. If you also know how to personalise the buying process so that you can cater for special interests based on previous purchasing history, or other user feedback such as surveys, product suggestions or requests, you can earn increased sales and customer loyalty through repeat purchases.

An effective eCommerce and Online strategy must also embrace the logistics of getting your product as quickly and safely as possible to the customer after the purchase. Sometimes delivery volumes can be high due to seasonal demand, and your logistics network should be capable of accommodating these fluctuations. A robust reverse logistics plan for returns should make returns and refunds as easy as possible.

The ability to think and plan strategically for your eCommerce site’s short-term and long-term business and sales objectives is a very valuable skill that several of Intelligent People’s clients currently need to help drive their online retail activities, and fill their eCommerce strategy job vacancies. If you could be a potentially eligible candidate who possesses strong analytical expertise, experience in multi-channel digital retail marketing, and an understanding of designing a usable and seamless eCommerce site across channels, contact Intelligent People for current job vacancies in this area.

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Equally if you’re an organisation seeking talented individuals to fill your online eCommerce strategy vacancies, Intelligent People can identify, locate and hire the exceptional new recruits you’re looking for.

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