email marketing vacanciesBrands live and die on the success of their marketing. Whether companies recruit a marketing manager or outsource its marketing activities to a specialised agency, it remains a pivotal function.

Your role is to represent the vision and future of a company – no pressure – so what do you need to be to push a brand to the next level?

A true visionary

The best marketing managers are creative visionaries, with the ability to launch a product or service with a clear and focused concept in mind. To achieve brand distinction, you’ll establish the brand’s USPs in a way that customers and the company’s employees can easily understand. This clear direction of the brand can then be effectively marketed direct to the customer.

A strong ego

The true success of a brand relies on your voice being strong and clear, and your mind being open to listen to the feedback of customers, sales team, work colleagues and senior management.

Through this you can confidently gauge the opinions of others, and use this to make your own decision where to take the brand.

A trendsetter

Listen to the trends of the digital age and keep your finger on the pulse for how to reach today’s savvy customer. You’ll know how important social media is, as customers are shying away from ‘old fashioned’ marketing tactics.

Great marketing professionals know how to get the right message across to the right people in the right way. You’ll also know when to let a particular bandwagon cruise on by.

A serial multi-tasker

Effective marketing managers have to juggle numerous projects, and understand how to get things done on time and on budget. Never take your eye off the ball as it moves across the marketing board from inception to launch.

In control of the budget

This is arguably one of the most crucial skills of an effective marketing manager: to have a clear knowledge of how to be cost-effective on marketing campaigns and deliver effective communications within reasonable financial means.

Passionate about the job

Love what you do, see projects through to successful completion, create good ideas and motivate others to deliver results. Cultivate great relationships with your colleagues on all levels, and you’ll be sure to create the best outcome from those you work with.