Thank you for supporting our product management mentorship scheme.

As product management recruitment specialists, we are proud of the work we do within the product management community, supporting candidates in their careers and identifying the best talent for our clients.

We actively support groups such as Women in Product that celebrate the product management world, and we are genuinely passionate about inspiring and connecting people together in this community. This mentorship programme aims to provide a place where product people of all levels can engage, network, access new resources and learn new skills.

Our mentorship guidelines

We have put together a comprehensive guide to expectations for both a mentor and mentee in this Partner Up product management mentorship scheme. If you are looking to take part in the scheme, we recommend you read these guidelines to ensure you are able to give what is required to make the mentorship a success.

If you have any feedback on these guidelines or any other part of the mentorship scheme, feel free to email [email protected] with your comments.

Mentorship Expectations