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We are a specialist eCommerce recruitment agency, placing our candidates within Head of eCommerce jobs within London. If you are looking for a Head of eCommerce job role or would like to find out how to become a Head of eCommerce, what skills you need, and what salaries are on offer, you will find a complete guide below.

If you’re an employer looking to recruit a Head of eCommerce, please see our eCommerce recruitment services page, and the full overview of our services to employers. If you need to hire and would like our services, contact us today.

We place this type of role each week within London based companies. With the rise of flexible working over the last few years, we are extending our recruitment services to candidates across the UK, Europe and North America.


In today’s market, a salary of £90,000 to £110,000 would be expected at Head of eCommerce level. Traditionally, those Head of eCommerce roles working within London could expect a salary at the higher end of this scale, but with the rise in demand from candidates for flexible working, employers are tending to level out this playing field.

If an employer requires a Head of eCommerce with specific niche experience and knowledge, the candidate will often be able to negotiate a salary at the higher end of this scale.

Other factors that could affect the salary of a Head of eCommerce role are:

  • The size of the employer
  • The growth objectives of the employer
  • The business sector
  • The overall benefits package. Employers can enhance the salary through equity, pensions, and other benefits.

Example Job Description

A typical Head of eCommerce job description will read something like the below:

A Head of eCommerce is needed to develop, launch, and scale a new B2C and B2B eCommerce function. With P&L ownership, the role involves setting and shaping the eCommerce strategy and hands-on executing, with scope to build an eCommerce team in accordance with your strategy.

The Head of eCommerce will sit within the leadership team and own the entire eCommerce function, taking it from MVP to onboard additional products and services, to grow the digital share of sales.

The Head of eCommerce will:

  • Develop and delivery on an eCommerce strategy from scratch
  • *Manage new and existing ecommerce platform(s), engaging with technology stakeholders on ecommerce development with the aim of generating new sales
  • Monitor and analyse the overall ecommerce sales performance, site performance, conversion rates and traffic
  • Be happy to hands on in delivering strategic leadership
  • Have the opportunity to develop and mentor a team.

The Head of eCommerce will have:

  • Proven experience developing or scaling businesses through eCommerce channels
  • Experience at a senior level eCommerce position, with comfort of hands on execution
  • Extensive knowledge of digital sales and the digital procurement model including SEO, PPC and conversion
  • The ability to work in a cross functional structure, bringing together cross functional groups of people to achieve results
  • Candidates may come from a consumer B2C or B2B environment

This is a fantastic opportunity for a Head of eCommerce to join a trusted brand with a proven history of success.

Head of eCommerce can improve performance

Given the growth in online sales over the last decade, a Head of eCommerce role is now more important than ever, with their main objective to increase business performance through converting web users to customers, and ideally repeat customers. To do this, job responsibilities will include:

  • Overall strategic direction and user experience of the website – navigation, content, funnels
  • Oversee digital marketing promotional campaigns to drive traffic to the website, monitoring and improving conversion metrics
  • Team management including hiring, setting goals and objectives and reflecting these in team KPI’s
  • Forecasting sales performance across the year, establishing strategies including pricing, to beat year on year returns.
  • Introducing new sales channels to create more revenue

Alongside these skills, a Head of eCommerce will need to possess certain personal attributes to get the job done effectively – collaboration with marketing, IT and sales teams, ability to multitask and decipher large volumes of data for performance analysis and problem-solving skills.


What does a head of eCommerce do?
A Head of eCommerce manages the junior eCommerce team across all eCommerce touchpoints, giving strategic direction towards business goals as well as setting indivdual KPI's and objectives. This level often has full control over the team budget, and will manage their own profit and loss accounts. A Head of eCommerce normally has good experience across online, digital, CRM and lead generation.
How much does a Head of eCommerce earn?
A Head of eCommerce could expect to earn between £90,000 and £110,000. This base salary would usually be enhanced through a range of benefits including pension, healthcare, insurances, equity, and wellbeing initiatives.
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