Digital Marketing salary 2024

As digital marketing recruitment specialists, we’re able to advise on the latest trends within marketing recruitment including salary information. This guide was last updated in February 2024.

Chief Digital Marketing Officer

Average salary £220,000

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VP Digital Marketing

Average salary £150,000

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Digital Marketing Director

Average salary £125,000

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Head of Digital

Average salary £95,000

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Digital Marketing Manager

Average salary £55,000

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Factors that may affect a digital marketing salary


The budget allocated for the digital marketing team can play a significant role in determining the salary offered to a prospective employee. What is the structure of the team? Do you require junior people (but perhaps more of them to get the job done) or are you hiring in a senior digital leader to cover more responsibilities? The structure of the team, number of team members and hiring budget will directly impact advertised salary.

The budget available for a hire will also depend on the type of business: start-up, scale-up or enterprise business. A more established business may have more financial security and investment behind them, whereas a business in start up mode may have to offer more modest salaries but showcase its potential: greater responsibility, more autonomy, potential for growth, and potential to become a leader quickly.

Specific or niche expertise required

Some companies may require specific or niche expertise for their digital marketing team, such as experience with a particular platform, industry or product launch. If this is the case, the company may need to offer a higher salary to attract someone with the necessary skills and experience, especially if they are being headhunted from a competitor in the industry.

Specific discipline experience needed

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, content marketing and more. If the company requires expertise in a particular discipline, they may need to offer a higher salary to attract a specialist who has the specific skills, competencies and experience required by the business at that time.

Geographical location

The cost of living and salaries can vary depending on the geographical location. For example, salaries may be higher in London than in other parts of the UK due to the higher cost of living and commuting costs. This may also be relevant across other cities in the UK; however, some argue this should no longer be the case with the rise of hybrid / remote working, and employees should be rewarded on skills and competencies rather than location.

Company culture

Company culture can also impact the salary offered. Some companies may offer lower salaries but with other benefits, such as flexible working hours, remote work options, or a generous bonus scheme

Benefits to improve the take-home package

Flexible working hours

Many employees value flexible working hours, which can improve work-life balance and increase productivity. Offering flexible working hours can be an attractive benefit for senior digital marketers and digital leaders.

Remote work options

Remote work options have become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially after the pandemic. Offering remote work options can be an attractive benefit for senior digital marketers and digital leaders, as it allows them to work from anywhere and avoid a long commute.

Bonus scheme

A generous bonus scheme can be an attractive benefit for senior digital marketers and digital leaders. Bonuses can be based on performance or company-wide targets and can provide a significant boost to the employee’s overall compensation.

Health and wellness benefits

Health and wellness benefits, such as gym memberships or mental health support, can help improve employee wellbeing and reduce stress.

Professional development opportunities

Many employees value professional development opportunities, such as training courses, conferences, or mentorship programs. Offering these opportunities can help attract and retain top talent by demonstrating a commitment to employee growth and development.

Equity and stock options

Equity and stock options can provide a significant financial incentive for senior digital marketers and digital leaders. Offering these options can demonstrate a commitment to long-term growth and success, while also aligning the employee’s interests with the company’s goals.

Childcare support

Childcare can be a significant expense for many employees, especially for those with young children. Offering childcare support, such as onsite or subsidised childcare, can be an attractive benefit for working parents and can help improve work-life balance.

Sabbaticals and paid time-off for volunteer work

Sabbaticals and paid time-off for volunteer work can help improve employee wellbeing and engagement while also demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility. These benefits can be attractive for employees who value work-life balance and community engagement.

In-demand digital marketing skills in 2024

According to Career Foundry, skills that you need to possess for career development in 2024 are: 

  • SEO: Driving highly relevant and intent-driven traffic to your website in a way that doesn’t require active daily budgets.
  • AI expertise: to analyse data, personalise marketing outreach, and save time.
  • Content planning: Along with copy writing, content planning is a fundamental skill to improve digital marketing campaign performance, SEO and brand awareness metrics.
  • Email marketing: skills in customer segmentation, personalising messages and best practise design.
  • Social media marketing: understanding social media algorithms, paid advertising campaigns and metrics, as well as analytics and design skills.
  • Performance marketing: understanding how to set up best practise paid campaigns and analysing the data for optimisation, including attribution models.
  • Multichannel marketing: using a combination of channels ensuring brand consistency.
  • Design: Understanding and developing user experience design skills, including colours, fonts, layouts and hierarch of messaging.
  • Video marketing: creating high-quality videos that are easy for a customer to consume and engage with.
  • Data literacy: effectively using web analytics platforms to measure and make changes for optimisation of campaigns. The proficient use of cross-platform digital marketing tools that amalgamate data sources into one is also useful experience to have. 

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