There is no doubt that London boasts the biggest job market in the U.K. It is, therefore, no surprise that the number of Digital Jobs in London is on the increase. This is especially so as the economy goes into overdrive and people start to spend money once again.

Specialist in Digtal Vacancies

Intelligent People is a specialist Digital Recruitment Agency in a unique position to help you take advantage of this rapidly growing market. We actively place B2B and B2C professionals across the digital spectrum. Indeed, we were one of the first recruitment companies to work in this market. With our owners still active in the business we are able to offer a far deeper insight than many other recent additions to the recruiter ranks.

What this means is we are able to give you as a job seeker or hiring manager a better understanding of what is needed. Be that to fill that awkward Digital Marketing role or finding exactly the right new career opportunity for you. Client or candidate, you benefit from the same deep knowledge and genuine desire to meet your needs.

The Market

What are we seeing in the current market? We see high demand for the most advanced skills. We see a skills shortage and we see increasing salary levels and a shift towards contract working. This means as a candidate you have to keep your skillset current and be a scholar of your chosen area. If you want a particular opportunity, you have to show yourself as the outstanding candidate.

If you are a client, you simply have to offer an environment that will help the individual grow, learn and develop. The package and benefits have to match not only the candidates expectations, but also market expectations. It’s a two way street and has to work for both parties.

Recent Digital Jobs

Why not use our depth of experience to help you!

The list below is typical of the type of digital jobs in London we regularly recruit for:-

If you would like us to fill a digital job in London for you, please contact us today on 01727 736 690.

Intelligent People work with a broad range of Online and New Media Organisations (including Online Retail, Travel, Media, Business Services & NfP).

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