What customers want and how they behave has changed dramatically in the last few years. And employing a Chief Marketing officer to achieve that helicopter view of all online marketing activity is nw seen as key in the modern eCommerce organisation.

With the number of online customer interaction touchpoints multiplying across online channels, mobile devices and digital sales platforms, a company’s market audience, target customer and consumer profile have been rapidly shifting and redefining.

CMO – A Crucial Job

A crucial part of a chief marketing officer job function is to identify and fulfil the unique requirements of an ever-changing and more diverse global customer marketplace across the digital world.

The role of chief marketing officer (CMO) is being re-shaped at an accelerated pace and there are an increasing number of vacancies as demand increases. Previously, if you wanted to be successful in the role of CMO, it was enough to focus solely on brand awareness, market research and advertising campaigns that used traditional print-based and broadcast media.

Now, thanks to changing consumer behaviour, the role is evolving into a customer-focused creative and analytical all-round online marketing strategist, usually with a broad knowledge of multi-channel digital marketing techniques, data and metrics analysis skills, and a deeper and more sophisticated appreciation of business and product development.

Today a CMO has to adapt to a more diverse target market and an ever-increasing range of available digital marketing channels. Marketing can be delivered via many new and different means, such as customer-generated social media content, third-party bloggers and web-based review sites, mobile device apps and online interactive games and videos.

Exploiting New Channels

Brand promotion and market research is still important. But a chief marketing officer job now more than ever also demands a willingness to exploit all available digital marketing and sales channels to fulfil customers’ expectations on price, delivery and availability, to ensure that their company gains a competitive edge.

According to a recent survey where a number of chief marketing officers contributed, most respondents claimed to devote only 10-20% of their marketing budget on new or non-traditional forms of online marketing such as banner and PPC advertisements, and marketing messages delivered via mobile devices and video games. Even though these participants are spending significantly more on digital marketing than ever in the last three years, the conventional advertising mode of television is still the most widely-used marketing vehicle.

Specialist Recruiters

Intelligent People is a specialist chief marketing officer recruitment agency and our consultants know how crucial it can be for today’s CMO to achieve rapid business expansion and greater revenue generation by incorporating modern and cutting-edge multiple digital techniques in a definitive marketing strategy. From start-ups to international eCommerce giants, Intelligent People’s clients are on the look-out for that elusive exceptional CMO job vacancy candidate who can drive business growth through online and offline media, measure the impact of marketing efforts then optimise all channels to maximise return on investment (ROI).

Today a chief marketing officer should adopt the voice of the customer by understanding customer market segmentation across channels, enhancing customer engagement and delivering an efficient and consistent experience at every purchase point. When a chief marketing officer starts applying a customer-centric approach, customer acquisition and retention benefits are experienced across the company. The recruitment consultants at Intelligent People understand both the older conventional approach to the chief marketing officer job vacancy, and the fast changing job functions that involve exploiting all digital marketing avenues, changing supply and distribution models and harnessing the power of social media and online third-party consumer reports.

Changing Recruitment Needs

Changing customer needs and preferences have shaped the transformation of the CMO job role, requiring a broader range of skills and focus, such as the desire to experiment with developing multi-channel technologies, the ability to understand shifting customer priorities and the knowledge to measure and optimise performance metrics.

If you’re a potential client in a company that is searching for a dynamic, talented and highly motivated CMO vacancies to spearhead your marketing strategies, enhance business development with customer-centric strategies and drive profits upwards and costs down, contact the experts at Intelligent People today to get started.

Similarly, if you’re a possible candidate with the creative, analytical and communication skills necessary for the demanding job vacancy of chief marketing officer, and you are innovative, intuitive and possess outstanding leadership abilities, get in touch with the recruiters at Intelligent People for more information on our vacancies in this candidate-scarce job role.

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