Product Marketing Manager

A Product Marketing Manager vacancy materialises when a business needs strategic help in finding new product initiatives and driving customer engagement with that product. If you are looking for a Product Marketing Manager job role or would like to find out how to become a Product Marketing Manager, what skills you need, and what salaries are on offer, you will find a complete guide below.

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We place Product Marketing Manager candidates within London based companies each year. With the rise of flexible working over the last 2 years, we are extending our recruitment services to candidates across the UK, Europe and North America.



In today’s market, a salary of £60,000 to £80,000 would be expected at Product Marketing Manager level. Traditionally, those Product Marketing Managers’ working within London could expect a salary at the higher end of this scale, but with the rise in demand from candidates for flexible working, employers are tending to level out this playing field.

If an employer requires a Product Marketing Manager with specific niche experience and knowledge, the candidate will often be able to negotiate a salary at the higher end of this scale.

Other factors that could affect the salary of a Product Marketing Manager role are:

  • The size of the employer
  • The growth objectives of the employer
  • The business sector
  • The employers people budget and financial security
  • The overall benefits package. Employers can enhance the salary through equity, pensions, and other benefits.




Example Job Description

A typical Product Marketing Manager job description will read something like the below:

A Product Marketing Manager is needed by our client, a business who are a rapidly scaling SAAS software vendor in the global renewables’ energy space.

As the business embarks on the launch of several new products, the role presents an exciting opportunity for a Product Marketing Manager to bring new solutions to life and be a vital bridge to ensure commercial success and product awareness.

The Product Marketing Manager will be responsible for:

  • Delivering best in class Go-To-Market strategies consistent with business and market needs
  • Utilising marketing channels and technology to inform customer insight – surveys, questionnaires, webinars, polls etc
  • Developing product positioning and messaging for key products and features, including product market fit, value proposition, target audience and competitive landscape
  • Create product collateral, sales enablement content, datasheets, content, customer case studies and thought leadership.

The Product Marketing Manager must have:

  • Experience in a product marketing role in a tech driven / SaaS or data business
  • Excellent copy writing skills, with ability to translate complex ideas into simple and engaging messages
  • Demonstrable track record creating value propositions and go to market strategies
  • Strong analytical skills, accustomed to using data and insights to make decisions
  • Proven creative thinker to generate and execute innovative marketing ideas

This is rare opportunity for a Product Marketing Manager to become an integral part of high growth business on a fast trajectory.

Product Marketing Manager skills

Creating a job description is a difficult task for a product marketing role – each business will have different requirements depending on its size, how established the business is, the budget, and what product the business sells, from software, a service to a tangible product.

In general, the first task for a Product Marketing Manager is to analyse and define the market, recognising any existing gaps, priorities, and opportunities. Opportunities are then assessed for viability, market requirements are analysed, potential customers identified, and current competitors are researched to form an overall picture.

This role would suit a candidate with market insight, a sound understanding of researching market requirements and a strong knowledge of competitor and data analysis to track and measure results compared to revenue to determine ROI. Getting the product placed and launched effectively has become a critical strand of overall online marketing strategies.


What does a product marketing person do?
A Product Marketing role will liase with both the product and sales teams to gather information to be able to optimise the lead generation strategy for the business, using both paid and organic lead generation activities. The ultimate goal is to drive revenue growth for the business, by constantly evaluating success and running a continuous improvement programme.
Does product marketing pay well?
A Product Marketing Manager could expect a salary of between £60,000 and £80,000 in today's candidate market.
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