Filling Product Management vacancies is one of Intelligent People’s specialist recruitment areas so it goes without saying that we excel in finding the ideal recruits for the most exciting product management roles around, which includes product marketing jobs.

While product management involves managing the lifecycle of a new product, from planning and development to release, product marketing is responsible for the market success of the product by introducing and ultimately delivering the product to the market. The product marketing lifecycle is mapped closely to the product lifecycle and usually comprises a specific set of marketing actions to be performed to coordinate with each stage.

Product marketing professionals have considerable domain experience in a particular market or technology, and this is a key area in the product recruitment mix.

What Is Product Marketing?

On a broad level, a product marketing role identifies a need for a product then drives customer engagement with the product.

First a market is defined by the product marketer, who recognizes any existing market gaps, priorities and opportunities. Opportunities are then assessed, market requirements are analyzed, potential customers identified and current competitors are researched.

This would suit a candidate with market insight, a sound understanding of researching market requirements and a strong knowledge of competitor and data analysis to track and measure results compared to revenue to determine ROI. Getting the product placed and launched effectively has become a critical strand of overall online marketing strategy.

The Job Role

Once a marketing position is decided, it is the product marketer’s job to drive the messaging across all available channels. The product marketer delivers this messaging to key stakeholders both internally and to the potential market. For example the sales team must be armed with the information they need to pitch the product offering. Through lead generation across multiple channels, digital and non-digital, product marketing targets prospective customers. A thorough knowledge of all available channels used to distribute the messaging is essential, and superb communication skills are a must.

Organizations often use viral marketing, website messaging, paid online and print advertising and PR channels and social media, along with techniques such as web seminars, trade shows and conferences to push news of the product into the potential market.

Experience and Skills

Product marketing professionals have considerable domain experience in a particular market or technology. At product launch a product marketer ensures lead generation activities are optimized, customer satisfaction is tracked and evaluated while upsell and cross-sell opportunities are enabled.

If you are looking for your next move and have an insight into a particular market, familiarity with data analysis tools and methods, and fluent communication and marketing skills, product marketing could be the ideal solution to suit your skillset.

As a client, if you have any vacancies in your product marketing team, we can find the ‘one in a million’ candidate with the determination, know-how and initiative to drive your organization into a more successful future. Let us help you find the right fit for your Product Marketing Vacancies.

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