The challenge for an online trading and merchandising job holder is how to sell more products more effectively in all the eCommerce channels available to you.

Traditional Business v Online

Traditionally bricks-and-mortar retail stores have a number of tricks up their sleeve such as placing small add-on products next to the check-out aisle, conducive floor display layout and persuasive shop assistants reminding you of discount deals for multiple purchases.

But when it comes to online ecommerce channels, the available methods of persuasion to capture a sale and convince the customer to add more items to their shopping basket, may seem less tangible. It’s an evolving skillset so difficult to pin down exactly the right skills needed to fill online trading and conversion vacancies.

However with several analytical tools at their disposal, an online trading and merchandising manager can now track a customer’s entire journey from discovery of their landing pages and website, to clicking the Buy Now button, revealing useful information on how to speed up and multiply the process.

Specialist Online Recruitment

The consultants at Intelligent People, a specialist eCommerce recruitment agency, understand the online retail process from start to end, and so instinctively recognise the qualities and traits that their clients are looking for when they approach the agency to fill an online trading and merchandising vacancy.

As with many online ecommerce and marketing job roles, the ability to track, measure and understand analytics is key. When you understand how your potential customer arrived at your website or online store, whether they’ve taken this journey before, and tracked your target market to recognise their previous shopping habits, you can optimise the process and open the digital door to many more potential customers. This where the skilful online merchandising and trading job comes in.

The Online Disadvantage

When buying online, customers may feel at a disadvantage because they can’t see or touch the product, so effective online trading and merchandising skills include the realisation that a detailed product description with photos and/or videos can speed up the buying decision process. The suggestion of alternative products, or items that complement the selected product in a set or package, can also help to fill the customer’s shopping basket with more useful products for them, and more sales for you and your organisation.

Intelligent People’s recruiters know that candidates who have an understanding of and experience of eCommerce techniques like this, are in strong demand from their clients, who include some of the largest and most well-known online retail giant corporations.

Historic Recruitment Expertise

The recruitment agency has been finding talent for online retail sales for over a decade, and has a large historical database of highly experienced and eligible candidates who Intelligent People have helped to place in the past. If you’re a company looking to develop or expand your online trading and merchandising activities and fill your empty vacancies, the expert recruiters at Intelligent People can locate potential employees with the know-how and skills necessary to drive an omnichannel online retail strategy and facilitate the sale of more products more effectively to more customers than before.

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