What is the start, stop, continue framework?

The start, stop, continue framework is way of delivering feedback for your mentee, around 3 important aspects:

  • What should your mentee start doing?
  • What should your mentee stop doing?
  • What should your mentee continue doing?

This feedback model is a simple but effective tool for reflection, constructive feedback, and improvement. The basic premise is that this exercise allows you to take a step back as a mentor and reflect on improvements that the mentee needs to be make, over and above the original goals of the mentorship.

This approach encourages you as a mentor to:

  • focus on performance
  • give action-orientated feedback
  • provide well-rounded feedback, including positive feedback (continue), areas of improvement (stop) and new development areas (start). By including positive areas, you should be able to reduce the chances of the mentee becoming defensive or overwhelmed with feedback
  • allow input from your mentee. What areas do they agree or disagree with?

For a greater understanding around using feedback, read our top tips to giving constructive feedback to ensure you get the most out of your mentorship relationship.