As experts in product management, marketing and eCommerce interim recruitment, we often get asked by our clients what fair and competitive interim day rates are within the current market.

Contractors can achieve a good day rate. Although rates can appear high, it’s important to consider some of the employment benefits that the contractor is walking away from. These could be life insurance, health cover, income protection insurance, as well as income tax implications.

We work with our employers on a case-by-case basis to set realistic day rates for interim support required. We take into account aspects such as the experience needed, the company, project objective, contract length and essential specific domain experience required.

As well as finding the right candidate, we will take care of the offer process and be on hand to help with any negotiations.

Interim day rate expectations

As a rule of thumb, here is a guide to the current candidate’s interim day rate expectations (as of early 2022).

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Product Management interim day rates

Role Range: Min Range: Max
Interim Chief Product Officer 1000 1500
Interim VP Product 900 1200
Interim Product Director 800 1000
Interim Product Lead 700 1000
Interim Head of Product 650 800
Interim Senior Product Manager 550 750

Marketing interim day rates

Role Range: Min Range: Max
Interim Chief Marketing Officer 1000 1500
Interim VP Marketing 800 1000
Interim Marketing Director 700 1000
Interim Growth Lead 600 800
Interim Head of Marketing 500 800
Interim Marketing Automation Consultant 500 700
Interim Performance Marketing Manager 500 700
Marketing Analyst 400 600
Interim Lead Generation Manager (B2B) 400 600
Interim Marketing Manager 350 500
CRM Manager 350 500

eCommerce interim day rates

Role Range: Min Range: Max
Interim Head of eCommerce 600 800
Interim UX Designer 450 650
Interim Content Strategist 400 600
Interim Conversion Optimisation Consultant 400 600
Interim eCommerce Manager 350 500
Interim Digital Merchandising Manager 300 500

This guide was updated in July 2022.

Man Working Out Interim Day Rates