For recruitment agencies vying for top talent, the use of social media in talent acquisition has become increasingly important. In fact, 90% of the recruitment process is now using social networking sites.

What are the advantages of using social media in your recruitment strategy?

1. Increases work visibility

Virtually every ideal candidate you can consider today is on social media for any role in your business. Facebook has more than 2.19 billion active user base. Twitter is popular for hosting job search chats and LinkedIn’s active users as a employment hunting platform include thousands of years of time and generation X demography. You see social networks as unbelievable platforms wherever you look and identify and recruit skilled people to work for your customers. Of course, few other platforms can reach as many people as social media, so other talent can hardly match your talent.

2. Better qualified candidates

Self-reported figures by many businesses suggest that when they recruit via social networking sites, they receive high-quality candidates. One major reason is that most people in social media are knowledgeable about technology, which is a fundamental condition for landing work in today’s marketplace. They are also likely to be already aware of emerging business trends, adding to their expertise. Moreover, if you want to use your staff to announce new openings via social media in your company, you can also be more productive than you would hire on other platforms, and not just remain with your business.

3. Better awareness of employer brands

Social recruitment works not only to find the ideal candidate but to increase your brand’s visibility. You strengthen your brand and create a degree of trust between potential employees by advertising new jobs in social media. Brands with a good social media presence are seen by consumers as more positive. Therefore, a strong social media presence is great for your company not only because you want to find good employees but also because it builds confidence in potential customers and makes it a successful place to work.

4. Recruitment can be a very costly enterprise to reduce hire costs.

Social recruitment is cheaper but can still be very expensive for you. Nevertheless, this approach makes the value that you get from the jobs you find through social networking platforms extremely low. Recruitment costs are almost always lower via social media than other methods. Of example, a simple Facebook ad could make you more recognizable twice than the traditional recruiting techniques, such as classified ads in dailisations and workplaces.

5. Open the door to engagement

Imagine a brand which has taken its time to increase its following, using instruments such as Growr to grow organically in social media but which continues to engage its followers. A social media post of a job opening can be useful for such a product. When interested persons search for more information about the work, the social media page becomes more active. Some stakeholders post on the comment section, others share a message with friends and followers, and others send you a direct message.

Such conversations trigger your page and allow you to engage with potential staff. Some of these people have never applied for a job in your company if you had used any other platform for recruiting. Recruiters who can take advantage of social media recruiting tools will inform you that some of these online interactions are better than individual interviews.

Furthermore, hiring people in a talent pool with common values, interests and styles of work with the recruiting manager or company often helps speed up the process of finding the right person for your job. This is good news for both the recruiting party and the candidates hoping to be able to work in your company.

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