Country Manager

If you are looking for a Country Manager job role or would like to find out how to become a Country Manager, what skills you need, and what salaries are on offer, you will find a complete guide below.

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We place Country Manager candidates largely within the UK and Europe. With the rise of flexible working over the last 2 years, we are extending our recruitment services to candidates further including North America.


There are many factors used to determine the Country Manager salary and package expectations – size of business, industry, growth stage, product pipeline and company turnover – just to name a few.

We’d expect a salary between £100,000 – £300,000 with additional benefits such as private medical insurance, performance related bonuses and pension contributions as standard for this level of role. The salary is largely determined by the organisation type, i.e., a large global listed business will be closer to the top range, with an early-stage scale-up towards the lower end of the scale, potentially with an equity package to enhance the overall package.

Equally, if an employer requires a Country Manager with specific niche experience and knowledge, the candidate will often be able to negotiate a salary at the higher end of this scale.

Traditionally, those Country Managers working within London could expect a salary at the higher end of this scale, but with the rise in demand from candidates for flexible working, employers are tending to level out this playing field.

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Example Job Description

A typical Country Manager job description will read something like the below:

This role is being hired to build the commercial strategy for our business based in Germany and own the delivery of results in the country against that plan. We are hiring for this role to have a clear owner for the customer experience who can help us scale from pre-launch to launch to growth.

The Country Manager will

  • Develop and own the product and service offering in partnership with International and the DACH team
    • Create a prioritised list of product feature rollouts, development and initiatives for DE users
    • Ultimately own the local product experience across product features (including translation) and making sure the DE experience keeps up with the growth and pivots of the EN product
    • In conjunction with International and domestic teams, identify and craft local service features such as local methods, monitoring the quality of customer service, analysing GTKOU research and drive DE Marketing with the Director of DE Marketing
    • Ensure we comply with local legislation and regulatory requirements across DACH
  • Develop the country strategy and translate into operating plans
    • Conduct in-market research to understand consumers and competitor set
    • Develop an initial strategy for brand positioning in market
    • Create a prioritised list of initiatives which tie back to clear impacts on top and bottom line for the country
  • Stand up a voice of the market feedback loop with HQ teams
    • Translate these initiatives into requirements for cross-functional partners and work with S&P to prioritize
    • Develop a standard format to provide feedback to HQ teams on where gaps exist on the local customer experience
  • Build and lead the local operations
    • Hire local roles to enable partnerships and activations which can drive organic growth for the business
    • Build and manage local coaching operations in partnership with the DE coaching lead
    • Be the in-market face of the brand, handling PR and gov’t relations responsibilities in conjunction with Comms and Legal teams/agencies


  • 6Y of experience – ideally has prior start up or lean company experience
  • Min 2Y in a Country or Regional GM role
  • Fluent in German and English
  • Right to work in Germany


  • Consumer business experience preferred.
  • Data affinity preferred, especially Looker & SQL skills
  • Product intuition or previous exposure – not necessarily a PM but a management function where s/he influenced, tested, and made strategic decisions on product features

What are employers looking for?

Creating a job description is a difficult task for a commercial leadership role – each business will have different requirements depending on its size, how established the business is, the budget, and what product the business sells, from software, a service to a tangible product. Saying this, businesses looking to fill a Country Manager role, are more than likely looking for evidence of experience including:

  1. Ability to prioritise and deliver effective business cases
  2. Ability to build out a team quickly
  3. Collaboration – being able to work with stakeholders
  4. UX/ Product Intuition or Experience – ability to test and make strategic decisions on product features


What does a Country Manager do?
A Country Manager is responsible for business in a specific country, including the set up of the business in a new country, development of Country plans, and analysis of performance. Country Managers often work for companies that are expanding into new areas, focusing on the launch of the product or service and localising the product offering, marketing and sales strategies to suit the market.
What is a salary of a Country Manager?
We’d expect a salary between £120,000 – £300,000 with additional benefits such as private medical insurance, performance related bonuses and pension contributions as standard for this level of role.
Who does a Country Manager report into?
In most business structures, a Country Manager would report into a Chief Commercial Officer, the Commercial Director or a Regional Vice President.