If you want your CV to stand out from the crowd for that Digital Marketing role, then you should switch up the way you approach building your CV. You have to market yourself (and your CV) as you would market a business.

Digital marketing CV best practise

Keep the format simple

Like any CV, you don’t want it to stand out for the wrong reasons. Don’t include any infographics or pictures. Avoid making your CV look busy or confusing as recruiters don’t have the time to try and decipher what you’re trying to show them. Keep it simple.

Make sure you format your CV in a way that makes it clean and easy to read. Keep the font Times New Roman or Arial, size 11 or 12.

Start with a personal statement, no more than 4 or 5 sentences, focusing on you. Outline:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What you want to achieve from this Digital Marketing role

Make sure you spell check and grammar check your CV. When you think it looks perfect, give it to someone you trust to spell check and grammar check it, too. It’s amazing how looking at something for so long stops you from being able to see it clearly. A fresh pair of eyes should be the sanity check you need before you submit it.

Remember, this is the recruiter’s first introduction to you. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Make it count.

  • Keep your sentences short and pithy.
  • Use bullet points to highlight any statements.
  • Bold headline each section to aid easy reading.

2. Treat your CV as a first step in your portfolio

In the world of Digital Marketing, communication is the key. Conveying your message in a clear, simple, easy to read and understandable format is essential to winning more customers. The same applies to your CV, because if you can’t market yourself, how on earth are you going to market the company you want to work for?

Put your Digital Marketing skills to good use and make sure that you showcase your unique selling points in your profile. Think of it as your personal tagline. Try and come up with something that will influence the recruiter and showcase your digital marketing abilities. Allow the Hiring Manager to see for themselves what value you would bring should they hire you.

You could also research the way the company writes its content and what its tone of voice is, then mirror this back to the recruiter throughout your CV to show you’re a great fit.3. Harness your wins

Don’t just talk about the Digital Marketing work that you have previously done. Your CV is likely to be submitted electronically, so include hyperlinks with every example. The easier you can make it for a recruiter to understand your worth and what value you can bring to their company, the more employable you will be in their eyes.

Because you’re a Digital Marketer, make sure your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are fully reflective of your abilities to market. These platforms will be viewed as an extension of your CV.

Also, ensure all your recent projects are marketed as far and wide as possible and that your name is connected to them. You want your work to pop up when the recruiter Googles your name.

When you list your past experiences on your CV make sure that you quantify each one with a number, a specific measurable. This will highlight to recruiters that you’re not just capable of creating a campaign, but that you can run it and measure its effectiveness too.

Finally, always write your CV specifically for the job you’re applying for. Repeat the job specification keywords and phrases back to the prospective employer in your CV. Never simply send a generic CV, as you won’t answer the questions that the job advert asks.

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