As product management recruitment specialists, we were delighted to sponsor the ProductTank London event, which took place on the 19th July 23. At this event, leading Product Managers gathered to learn about the future of Product Management, including trends within AI, Web3 and Metaverse.

Sponsoring Event

The event: summary

This event got together industry experts to explore the evolution of AI, the emerging AI-driven UX trends PMs can leverage for enhanced engagement, and the necessity of ethical considerations for developing responsible AI products. They also understood the meanings of the metaverse and learned about its potential impact on industries, unique product opportunities, and creating immersive experiences. The event drew to a close with a presentation exploring the emergence of web3 and its application for Product Managers.

Chris Mason, our co-founder, introduced the session and highlighted our free product management mentorship scheme available on our website.


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The panellists:

Daniel Hulme is a globally recognised AI expert, with 25 years of applying AI experience. He’s UCL’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence and the CEO of a leading AI company, Satalia, acquired by WPP in 2021 where he also is Chief AI Officer. Daniel is a serial TEDx and Google speaker, has contributed to numerous books and articles on AI, and is a faculty member of SingularityU. Daniel is passionate about how technology helps govern organisations and can bring a positive impact on society.

Anthony Moles is a product designer and developer specialising in emerging technology. He is currently working on experiences that connect generative AI with the end user at Google Creative Lab. With a background in toy design, he aims to blend playfulness into our interactions with technology.

Deepak Paramanand builds Responsible AI Products. Previously at Microsoft, he shipped “puppets”, an Apple Animoji competitor to 2M+ play store users and received rave reviews. The product complied with Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles and as a result, he served on the AETHER committee providing guidelines to other AI builders. He currently works as the Executive Director of Generative AI Products at JP Morgan.

Sahiqa Bennett is passionate about lives and livelihoods and is on a mission to build bridges between the dream and reality. Striving to present people and futuristic projects in an exciting and useful way. Building technology for good, impact and change.

Leonardo Machado is a Senior PM in Coinbase’s core cryptography team and focuses on building next-generation key management systems based on multi-party computation technology, combining hardware, software, and advanced cryptography to push the boundaries between security and usability in crypto.

Watch the full event here

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