This charity partnership ended on 31st July 2023. View our new initiative for 2023 / 2024.

We are delighted to announce a new charity partnership with a St Albans based charity, Earthworks. Earthworks supports people with learning disabilities (known as Earthworkers) alongside volunteers, to help manage 3.5 acres of beautiful eco-gardens in St Albans.

We chose Earthworks as our long-term partner because the charity echoes our business values; ethical, supportive, considerate, active listeners as well as experts in the social and therapeutic horticulture work, they provide their Earthworkers. It also gives us an opportunity as a business to give back to the local community in which we work.

Bianca Badham, Earthworks CEO commented ‘We are delighted to be partnering with Intelligent People and look forward to welcoming the team to our eco-gardens to experience the partnership impact first-hand! As a small charity we value local connections and this partnership will have a huge impact on our ability to invest in our site and service provision.’ 

What does the charity Earthworks do?

Earthworks supports people with learning disabilities, alongside volunteers, to manage eco-gardens in St Albans, through the practice of social and therapeutic horticulture.

The charity grows fruit and vegetables using organic methods and builds wildlife habitats using traditional techniques. Over the years, Earthworks transformed the waste land into a multi-purpose garden space, including habitat, production, and sensory spaces, ensuring it’s focus on sustainability is maintained throughout everything they do.

Supported by volunteers, local schools and community groups, Earthworks are people of all abilities learning and working together. They offer purposeful activities and an education in horticulture, including projects such as Gardening for Health and Growing Together, alongside onsite workshops for children and young people with learning disabilities, and a summer scheme for young adults.

Fundraising for Earthworks

As Earthworks is a wonderful charity which is very close to our hearts, we have committed to running a monthly schedule of fundraising activities in order to make an impact; to make a difference to the charity and their social impact goals.

Our fundraising activities include:

  • Go sober for October
  • 5K Parkrun
  • Fancy dress litter pick
  • 24-hour cycle
  • Office raffle
  • Quiz night
  • Bucket collections
  • Charity car boot sale
  • Ditch the chocolate month
  • Cake bake sales
  • and more…

Our current fundraising total

We will update our fundraising total here each month – let’s get going!


If you would like to support us on our efforts to maximise fundraising for Earthworks, visit our sponsor page and donate anything you can today – whatever you can give will be appreciated.

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